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Are you looking for a bad-weather alternative for your jogging routine? Are you training specifically for a mountain run but live in the lowlands? Or do you simply want to keep fit and healthy at home? In the Shark Fitness Shop you are sure to find the right fitness equipment for your home.

Training equipment for home and gyms

Home training has many advantages: you are undisturbed during your workout at home and can train when and for how long you want. And our fitness equipment is just as individual as your workout. Sports equipment improves your stamina and figure and keeps you fit. Exercise is healthy and with the help of the right fitness products, training is even more fun. You know best what suits your current physical and health condition. That's why we offer you a large selection of high-quality and joint-friendly indoor fitness equipment that is completely geared to your needs. Train with your new favourite fitness equipment and benefit from renowned brands of the fitness industry, such as Horizon Fitness and TechnoGym as well as Life Fitness or Spirit, which are available exclusively at Shark Fitness.

Comprehensive and varied fitness equipment range - train with the latest equipment

For more than 20 years, Shark Fitness AG has offered a comprehensive range of fitness equipment for the home or high-end fitness equipment for commercial use in gyms, hotels, physiotherapies, health centresand schools. Our many years of experience and close cooperation with specialists from the fields of medicine and elite sport guarantee a biomechanically well thought-out and high-quality range of fitness equipment.

Endurance or strength - the right fitness equipment for your home workout

Our fitness products in the home sector include cardio equipment, Strength Equipment & Power Stations, small exercise equipment and Home Fitness Accessories. The cardio equipment range includes home exercise bikes and ergometers, treadmills, rowing machines, crosstrainers and indoor cycle.

The range of strength equipment offers you multi- and single stations (strength stations) with weight magazines or discs as well as benches or specific small equipment for the back, abdomen or legs.

Active, fit and healthy - no problem with cardio equipment

Cardio equipment is cardiovascular training equipment that is highly efficient in promoting endurance or reducing weight. A pulse-controlled or pulse-controlled training is recommended. This is possible by means of built-in software in the console of the fitness device or by manual resistance adjustment based on the data of a pulse watch or pulse monitor orheart rate measurement (e.g. the Polar H10 heart rate sensor).

  • Treadmill: Enjoy our wide range of motorised and partly foldable treadmills.

  • Crosstrainer: Crosstrainers are particularly suitable for cardio training and are still the most popular fitness equipment alongside indoor cycling.

  • Indoor Cycle: Increase your stamina with our range of indoor cycling or spinning fitness equipment. 

  • Rowing Machine: Rowers with air resistance from Concept 2 or with water resistance from WaterRower can also be found in our Shark Fitness online shop.

  • Ergometer and exercise bike: Be inspired by the variety of our exercise bikes and ergometers and strengthen your back with a back-friendlycardio workout.

Stay strong with strength training equipment from Shark Fitness

Strong muscles are the best prevention against back problems. Strength training equipment is the ideal fitness equipment to help you achieve your strength training goals. In addition to multistations, which combine all exercises in only one sports equipment, there are single stations, which offer one exercise per piece of equipment. In addition to the entire fitness equipment range, Shark Fitness also offers the matching training accessories

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Contact us without obligation. To get the most out of our fitness equipment, we will be happy to help you with advice, selection and installation of your sports equipment.

NOHrD WaterGrinder Shadow
The WaterGrinder, an upper-body exercise machine developed from sailing, is based on WaterRower's successful water resistance principle. In sailing, the Grinder's job is to convert wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as fast as possible. The grinders do the back-breaking work on board and are corresponding high-performance athletes. Using their muscle power and endurance, they move the winches on the ocean-going yachts, wrestling the sails into the vertical position. The modern way to do this is via a classic crank movement. The WaterGrinder now offers you the possibility to practice this sport at home and to achieve the fitness of a racing grinder without giving up the element of water.
CHF 1'815.00
Hoist Fitness Mi5 Functional Trainer (Mi5)
The Mi5 Functional Trainer is Hoist Fitness' most compact and space-saving functional trainer. With patented technology, the Mi5 features two cable arms with two planes of motion. A unique three-point cable adjustment system allows for more than 1,000 cable adjustment variations. Ideal for health clubs, corporate fitness, hotels, personal training, physical therapies or similar.
CHF 3'290.00
Hoist Fitness Mi6 Functional Trainer (Mi6)
The unique and stylish Hoist Mi6 is innovation and aesthetics that users have come to expect from premium Hoist Fitness products. The 360 degree rotating columns with a patent pending Integrated Adjustment System allow for unlimited anatomical training exercises from multiple angles. The Mi6 Functional Trainer offers a full range of functional training exercises designed to achieve maximum results. Ideal for health clubs, corporate fitness, hotels, personal training, physiotherapy or similar.
CHF 4'290.00
NOHrD TriaTrainer Shadow
Classic ab trainer, back trainer and bench for weight training combined in a single piece of sports equipment - that's the TriaTrainer 3-in-1. The cube-shaped ab trainer can be folded out quickly and easily and thus becomes a back trainer or, if you fold it out completely, a weight bench.
CHF 490.00
SlimBeam cable pull black
With the SlimBeam you decide for a training device that offers all advantages of professional cable pulleys. At the same time, it offers a design that integrates into and enhances your living environment, just like an exquisite piece of furniture.
CHF 1'950.00
Waterrower SmartRow
The SmartRow extension for the WaterRower provides one hundred percent comparable rowing workout data - completely independent of the monitor, directly to your smartphone. The SmartRow pulley is installed in place of the first pull pulley in the WaterRower and sends the rowing data via Bluetooth to the SmartRow app. The electronics inside the SmartRow measure absolute force and stroke length to calculate your power output. By using the force curve, you can monitor each stroke for the best feedback. Optimize stroke length, peak force or total energy with every stroke! SmartRow stores all your workouts, personal records and your fitness values, so you can keep track of your training.
CHF 299.00
Lojer Vertical Pull 80 Vertical Pull Apparatus
The vertical traction device Vertical Pull 80 is a vertical traction device for wall mounting. The Lojer Vertical Pull 80 can be used as lat pull, for negative weight or lifting exercises due to the integrated floor pulley. Individual adjustment of the rope height and length allows standing and sitting exercises.
Tunturi strength station HG20
The affordable strength station HG20 from Tunturi for a targeted muscle building workout. The Tunturi HG20 Home Gym strength station is a compact exercise bike for training at home. The weight station for a targeted muscle building workout comes with a 60kg stack of plug-in weights. The upper pulley system is equipped with a lat bar, while the lower pulley system is equipped with a straight bar. An extra feature of this strength station is the dual function - the home gym comes with multiple handles for chest press and butterfly. The arm curl pad are height adjustable and the leg extension is covered with a foam roller for more comfort during the workout.
CHF 899.00
Tunturi strength station HG60
The strength station HG60 from Tunturi for a targeted muscle building workout. The Tunturi HG60 Home Gym strength station is a multistation in the deluxe version. The strength station for a targeted muscle building workout comes with a 70kg stack of plug-in weights, a pulley system on top to which a lat bar is attached as well as a middle pulley for targeted abdominal training and crunches. The Tunturi HG60 power station is also equipped with a lower pulley system, which includes a straight bar and can be used as a rowing machine with the foot plate.
CHF 1'699.00
Adjustable pedal arms
Adjustable pedal arms up to commercial use. This particularly robust design can be comfortably adjusted in crank length via a retraction pin without additional tools.
CHF 479.00
Tunturi Multipress Deluxe SM80
Whether pushing or pulling barbell exercises, incline bench press, negative bench press, neck press, squats, rowing - the multipress from Tunturi offers a solution for almost all exercises.
CHF 1'649.00
Evo Cardio Walking Treadmill WTB500
Running at work. Bring activity to your workplace! Improve mental state and increase creativity and productivity all while promoting health and wellness. Designed for use by individuals, small groups or businesses as a whole.
CHF 1'690.00
Lojer Vertical Pull 100 Vertical Pull Apparatus
The vertical traction device Vertical Pull 100 is a vertical traction device for wall mounting. The Lojer Vertical Pull 100 can be used as lat pull, for negative weight or lifting exercises due to the integrated floor pulley. Individual adjustment of the rope height and length allows standing and sitting exercises.