Ergometer / exercise bike

Exercise bikes and ergometers are among the most popular fitness equipment and are suitable for all body sizes, weights or ages. Cycling is a very efficient and enjoyable way to exercise. The upper body is supported by the saddle and thus relieved, while the pedaling motion is even and gentle on the joints. Cycling is an effective endurance sport and trains the cardiovascular system and strengthens the leg muscles. It can burn fat, improve fitness and agility. Exercising on an ergometer is also ideal for rehabilitation and as a warm-up workout.

Exercise bikes and ergometers were the very first home sports equipment and have hardly lost any of their popularity to this day. Exercising at home is comfortable, possible at any time and independent of the weather. Cycling is a very effective and pleasant way to exercise. The upper body is supported by the saddle and thus relieved, while the pedalling motion is even and gentle on the joints.

Cycling is an effective endurance sport and trains the cardiovascular system and strengthens the leg muscles. It burns fat and improves mobility. Cycling is also ideal for rehabilitation and as a warm-up workout. A further development of the ergometers are the recumbent bikes, which differ from the conventional ergometers by a comfortable seat with backrest, which relieves the spine optimally. Recumbent bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially with older or heavier users.

Ergometers are technically more complex and often more expensive than exercise bikes. The ergometer displays your training power in watts, while exercise bikes only indicate a load level. Unlike exercise bikes, ergometers are electronically adjusted and are also characterized by precise load control and a high degree of display accuracy. Ergometers are therefore often suitable for therapeutic use.

The magnetic brake used in ergometers is usually an electronically controlled eddy current brake. Since it has no moving parts, unlike a mechanically or motor-adjustable magnetic brake, these braking systems are very durable.

In the case of speed-dependent ergometers, the current pedalling power is displayed in watts. With speed-independent ergometers, the wattage can be adjusted. If the user pedals faster, the pedalling resistance is reduced. If the pedalling frequency is too low, the pedalling resistance is increased. In this way, the user always remains at the preset power level (watts). With a speed-independent ergometer, the user trains at the exact power level specified by him or her or by the doctor. This is why speed-independent ergometers are also suitable for therapy and rehabilitation or for top-level sport.

Ergometers are equipped with training computers that offer a variety of programs. Pre-programmed load profiles, watt- and pulse-controlled programs, interval programs as well as user-defined training programs are part of the offer. With many ergometer models, the programs can be programmed by computer via PC interface. The training data can also be recorded and evaluated using special training software. User-friendly displays show comprehensive training statistics such as time, distance, watts, heart rate, wheel rotation, etc..

Pulse-controlled programs, such as the Circle Fitness B8 or Tunturi E60, automatically control the target pulse after entering the desired training pulse (for fat burning or endurance training) by lowering or increasing the pedaling resistance. Pre-programmed training profiles, as usual with most ergometers, increase the motivation by a varied training.

Horizon Fitness Comfort 4.0 Ergometer
The Comfort 4.0 ergometer by Horizon Fitness has 12 training programs which provide a varied workout. The steplessly adjustable multi-position handlebar allows an individual, comfortable training position.
CHF 999.00
Spirit Fitness XBU55 Ergometer
The cult fitness brand Spirit Fitness from the USA now also available in Switzerland exclusively at Shark Fitness - the ergometer XBU55 by Spirit Fitness is an extremely solid and stable fitness bike. The seating position is well adjustable for users of different heights. The training console offers challenging workout programs for all performance levels, from beginner to professional. Durability, comfort and smooth training are among the features of the Spirit Fitness XBU55 ergometer.
CHF 1'049.00
TechnoGym Bike Forma
TechnoGym's Bike Forma is quiet and stable, and of all the machines, the closest to cycling on the road. Use it as a standard, city or racing bike to tone your leg and gluteal muscles with pleasure and effectiveness.
CHF 2'790.00
Circle Fitness B8 Ergometer
Shark-Tip - BESTSELLERThe B8 ergometer by Circle Fitness was designed for home use up to commercial continuous use in fitness studios, hotels, company fitness or physiotherapies.Thedevices of Circle Fitness convince bya robust construction, a shapely design and by the most modern technology.
CHF 1'990.00
LeMond Fitness GForce UT Digital Upright Bike
The LeMond Fitness GForce UT is an ergometer of the reference class. High-quality workmanship, beautiful design, innovative standards such as horizontal and vertical seat and handlebar adjustments and state-of-the-art technology make the GForce UT one of the best and most comfortable ergometers on the market.
CHF 2'490.00
Vision Fitness U60 Ergometer
The U60 by Vision Fitness features an ergonomic design and a multi-position handlebar with arm rest. This allows for a high level of training comfort and adapts to the different sizes of users. The console display is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.
CHF 1'990.00
Life Fitness C1 Go Ergometer
The C1 Lifecyclereg: seated ergometer is the epitome of the research and innovation that has made Lifecycle ergometers the number one choice in studios around the world. It's incredibly practical, quiet and smooth-running, making it the perfect introduction to the world of Lifecycle's famous seated ergometers. Combine the C1 with the Go console and you have an extremely user-friendly interface with the most important programs you need for long-term, effective fitness training.
CHF 1'149.00
Matrix Fitness U50XR Upright Bike
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Experience a unique workout with the design and unparalleled ergonomics of one of the industry's most stable, comfortable and versatile bikes. The U50 Upright Bike with low step-in includes the exclusive Exact Force induction brake, Dual Form frame and Comfort Arc seat.

CHF 2'990.00
TechnoGym Bike Personal Unity
The unique touch of Antonio Citterio's design art meets more than three decades of research in biomechanics. The revolutionary Technogym Coach brings you closer to your goals - in the comfort of your own home. Not just an exercise bike, the TechnoGym Bike Personal is beauty in motion.
CHF 9'890.00
The NOHrD Bike Walnut
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The NOHrD Bike - the ideal indoor bike that looks like no other. Flowing lines, clear structure and high-quality woods. Due to the protected, revolutionary planetary gear and the stable wooden frame, the bike is extremely robust and durable - thus ideally suited for professional use in the studio or in your own four walls.

CHF 3'585.00
Tunturi E80 Ergometer
The Tunturi Endurance line is the flagship of the new Tunturi cardio equipment. The Tunturi Endurance bikes, cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines combine the best overall package of versatility, price / performance ratio and quality. The Endurance machines are perfect for ambitious home users.
CHF 1'790.00
Life Fitness Club Series Ergometer
The Life Fitness Club Series is built on over 20 years of reliability, innovation, and knowledge gained from designing reliable cardio equipment used in fitness clubs around the globe. The next-generation Club Series ergometer is more solid and sleek than ever - but with the same proven durability. Redesigned and redesigned from the ground up, this ergometer boasts intuitive technology, advanced features and a modern frame design that looks great and fits well in the home.
CHF 4'790.00
Ergo-Fit Cycle 400 Home
The Ergo-Fit 400 Home was created with the many years of experience of specialists in medical therapy and rehabilitation technology with the aim of providing the best technical equipment for health and fitness. The Ergo-Fit Cycle 400 Home ergometer complies with the EN 957 HA medical standard and is therefore also the ideal home device for people with health restrictions.
CHF 1'790.00
Tunturi E60 ergometer
The Tunturi Performance line offers a very high price / performance ratio for the home user. Each Tunturi Performance ergometer has a user-friendly console, which also includes a Watt program. The Tunturi Performance Bike E60 is a bike ergometer with 20 different programs and 32 resistance levels. The control panel has an integrated LCD display and a simple menu navigation by means of a rotary knob. This allows a very easy and intuitive handling of this exercise bike ergometer.
CHF 1'049.00
Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Discover SE3HD Ergometer
The Platinum Club Series Upright Lifecycle Bike SE offers the ultimate fitness experience and a whole new dimension of motivation. The Life Fitness Discover SE has a 47cm tablet console with integrated TV. State-of-the-art technology, intuitive, user-friendly design and tons of entertainment and training options - the Platinum Club Series Lifecycle SE is the revolution for home training.
CHF 8'990.00