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Stay fit with indoor cycling

Indoor Cycling, called Spinning or Spin Racing is the perfect combination of fat burning, fit making and endurance building. Increase your endurance performance through a varied workout with indoor cycles. Spinning is a workout with controllable resistance levels that allows for normal cycling, sprinting or hill climbing, making it an ideal outdoor workout alternative. Indoor Cycling is suitable for cyclists, bikers and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their stamina and performance drive.

Spinning is the optimal workout for body and mind

Spinning mainly improves endurance as well as strength intensity and frees the mind. That's why indoor cycling is the perfect workout for body and mind. How intense you make your workout is entirely up to you. You can adapt the workout with the spinning bike to your own needs and adjust your performance level, because the personal difficulty level can be adjusted to your individual needs at any time. The higher the resistance on the spinning bike, the more strenuous the workout.

Indoor cycling is an efficient calorie killer

Those who correctly assess their own performance capabilities in spin racing not only have fun during training, but also burn numerous calories, improve the fat metabolism and strengthen the body muscles. The calorie consumption during indoor cycling depends on the individual fitness level, the body weight and also on the duration of the load.

What are the advantages of working out with a spinning bike?

You would like to buy a spinning bike? But are not quite sure yet what the benefits of indoor cycling work out are for you. Besides the fat killer and improved endurance and fitness, an at-home bike trainer offers many other benefits:

  • It's more efficient and weather-independent than traditional cycling outside. No traffic, no bad roads, and no weather to stop you in your workout.

  • Indoor cycling is easier on the joints than jogging, making it suitable for virtually everyone.

  • Individually adjustable exercise: You can determine and adjust the intensity of the workout yourself at any time - for efficient spinning.

Test Indoor Cycle and buy now

These are only a few of the many advantages that you can expect with an Indoor Cycle. In our Shark Fitness Shop you will find a large selection of different spinning bikes from well-known brands in the fitness industry , such as Horizon, Spirit Fitness or Life Fitness. Whether for home use or for professional use(high-end fitness equipment) - with us you will definitely find the optimal fitness equipment for your personal workout. And if you are still not quite sure, then visit us at our locations in Wettingen (AG) or Wil (SG), test our indoor bikes in our showroom without obligation and convince yourself of our high-quality fitness products. Contact us without obligation to arrange a personal appointment in our shop in Wettingen.

Life Fitness powered by ICG IC7 Indoor Cycle with WattRate® TFT 2.0 - Model 2023
The best indoor bike now even better! - Award-winning design, a two-stage drive system and high-quality digital features. A WattRate Direct PowerMeter, Coach By Color training intensity guide for users and trainers, data exchange with external devices and its outstanding comfort make the ICG IC7 a unique indoor bike. The ICG IC7 features a unique technology for measuring power in watts. This direct measurement allows for the highest measurement accuracy with a deviation of only +/-1%. The WattRate® TFT computer 2.0 with its own power supply has a fully integrated TFT color display and a front LED display.
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Spirit Fitness Johnny G Spirit Bike
The first hybrid indoor cycle - Johnny G Spirit Bike - Up to date technology, attractive design, great riding experience and robust mechanics that simply impress. The Johnny G Spirit Bike is an indoor cycle that meets professional requirements. The Johnny G Spirit bike is designed to complement the connected bike world with Bluetooth® and ANT+ enabled technology with connectivity to Strava®, Kinomap®, Zwift®, Spivi®, MyZone® and more. Stability, quality and design are outstanding features of the Johnny G Spirit Bike.
LeMond RevMaster Pro Indoor Cycle
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RevMaster Indoor Cycle Pro developed by 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond - one of the best indoor cycles on the market - fulfills all expectations of an exceptional indoor cycle and combines Greg LeMond's love of cycling with innovation and the highest quality. The extremely robust frame construction in a modern design, combined with the proven features of the previous model, make the RevMaster Pro one of the most interesting indoor cycles on the market.
Matrix Fitness ICR.50 Indoor Cycle - Limited Edition
The Matrix Fitness ICR50 Indoor Cycle in the Limited Edition offers exercisers an absolutely solid basis for ambitious and motivating workouts. Athletes can connect to their favorite fitness apps such as @Zone or Kinomap via Bluetooth FTMS and use them during training thanks to the integrated smartphone holder . Thanks to the intuitive four-way adjustment of the handlebars and saddle, everyone can find the right training position. The closely spaced pedals ensure the optimum position for hips, knees and feet for an authentic cycling experience. The handlebars also offer a variety of grip options for different training phases. The integrated bottle holder helps to ensure sufficient hydration during training.
ICG IC5 Indoor Cycle with WattRate® LCD Computer
Now including tablet holder - The IC5 Indoor Cycle from ICG combines innovative design with high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, it features a power display in watts, data exchange with external devices, and Coach By Color® workout control for the user.
Circle Fitness SP8 Indoor Cycle
Circle Fitness' SP8 Indoor Cycle is an incredibly smooth running bike that is suitable for any commercial environment. Equipped with multiple vertically and horizontally adjustable components, the SP8 from Circle Fitness is suitable for users of all sizes. This makes it the perfect indoor cycle for any facility.
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The @Cycle brings a whole gym into the living room at the touch of a button. Whether it's cycling, strength, yoga or dance, early in the morning or in the middle of the night: everyone can decide how, when and what to work out - all within their own four walls. Thanks to the foldable display, there are no limits. All it takes is an @Cycle and a Horizon@ subscription. Cycling classes are done on the bike and all other workouts right in front of it - by simply folding down the display. When purchasing an @Cycle, a Horizon@Subscription is required, which must be purchased additionally.
Lemond Fitness Elite Cycling Bike (L-15900)
The HOIST® LeMond® Series LeMond Elite Cycling Bike was developed in collaboration with three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond. The LeMond® Elite Indoor Cycle features a number of sophisticated upgrades designed to maximize comfort and withstand the rigors of a club ride. Featuring a rear flywheel design, maintenance-free magnetic resistance system and several technology upgrades, including a watt display, the LeMond Elite bike is one of the premium bikes in the indoor cycling field.
ICG IC6 Indoor Cycle with WattRate® TFT 2.0
Now including tablet holder - The IC6 Indoor Cycle from ICG combines innovative design with high-quality mechanical and electronic components. The WattRate® TFT computer 2.0 with integrated power supply allows power display in watts, data exchange with external devices and Coach By Color® training control for the user and instructor.
Horizon Fitness GR7 Indoor Cycle
With the special design - inspired by the racing bikes of professional athletes - the new GR series brings home the unique feeling of road bike racing. Starting with the perfect geometry of the frame to the ergonomic and specific adjustable touch points, the GR7 adapts perfectly to the body in every phase of the bike course. The mobile device (iOS / Android) as a console: Kinomap, Zwift and @Zone compatible.
Horizon Fitness 7.0IC Indoor Cycle
Bring the gym home with the Horizon 7.0IC connected fitness bike. Paired with Bluetooth connectivity to the exclusive Horizon app - @Zone or other popular fitness apps on your smartphone or tablet. Simply pair your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and keep up with your favorite cycling classes with 50 electronically controlled resistance levels. The included Bluetooth chest strap, dual water bottle holder, and clip-in pedals all provide extras for a comprehensive workout with the apps you love.
Schwinn AC™ Sport Carbon Blue Belt Indoor Cycle
Schwinn® set standards with the first dedicated indoor bike. With the AC™ Sport, these standards are redefined. The adjustable handlebar and saddle provide even more riding comfort. The experiences of hundreds of users, instructors and studio operators have gone into the development of this innovative bike. The result: a unique device that is extremely popular with athletes.
Schwinn 700IC Indoor Bike
The Schwinn® 700IC is a low-impact, cardio-kick indoor cycling bike designed specifically for the serious cyclist. When harsh weather or a crazy schedule dictate your indoor workout, simply hop on the 700IC for a high-energy, low-impact training experience that feels like you're riding through rolling hills. With a generous LCD console, wireless heart rate monitoring, an 18.1 kg flywheel and infinitely adjustable resistance, this bike offers true value for the ambitious cyclist. Bring more health into your life by bringing the Schwinn® 700IC into your home.
ICG IC4 Indoor Cycle
The IC4 Indoor Cycle from ICG combines innovative design with high-quality mechanical components, making it the premium bike in its class. The belt drive as well as the magnetic brake system allow an almost maintenance-free use and also create an optimal riding experience.
Schwinn X Bike Indoor Cycle
The X Bike offers a tech-free experience that is ideal for music-oriented group cycling studios, as well as gyms in apartment complexes and hotels, or even the user's own home gym that does not offer guided classes. With the optional 4iiii power meter, users can bring their smartphone or own fitness tracker to track and store their personal data.
Schwinn Z Bike Indoor Cycle
The newly developed Z Bike is designed to encourage participants to achieve the perfect workout or personal best and to support personal responsibility with color visualization. The configurable console allows the instructor to design the course based on FTP, heart rate or cadence to create a training experience that is unique every time. The Z Bike is available in Zs (Smooth) with smooth poly V belt or Za (Authentic) with carbon toothed belt.
Tunturi S40 Sprinter Bike Competence
With the Tunturi S40 Sprinter Bike Competence the endurance performance can be increased. Training is done by normal cycling, sprinting and uphill riding, almost like being outside in nature. The resistance levels controllable via the color display make the training even more interesting and varied.
Schwinn 4iiii crank arm power meter
In collaboration with the world's best cyclists, 4iiii has developed a power meter that sets new standards. Using a patented 3D strain gauge measurement, the 4iiii crank provides the most accurate, reliable and consistent values. 4iiii cranks help their users reach their full potential and improve their performance. This technology from professional cycling is now also optionally available for all AC and SC Schwinn Cycling Bikes.