Style Fit AB Trainer
Abdominal training with style - The proven and universally known abdominal trainer receives a previously unknown design quality at Stil-Fit. Through its elegant shape and the use of wood, a fitness device was developed that gives your home or a fitness area that certain something.
Fitwood Fitness Scooter KIVI
KIVI Fitness Roller is specially designed to fit your interior style and keep you fit for a long time. To train abdominal muscles and stay in shape, AB rollouts with a fitness roller are among the most effective methods. For this purpose, from now on, with the KIVI training device, you'll always have your fitness roller at hand, because you'll no longer have to hide the beautiful piece in the closet after your workout!
SKLZ Corewheels
Take your forearm, push-up and core exercises to the next level with the dynamic COREwheels core trainer. The moving wheels on both sides destabilize your movements and encourage your shoulders, core and hips to work harder than ever. Features ergonomic foam grips and lightweight design.
Style Fit Back Stretch Walnut
After an intense round of training with our equipment, the BACK Stretch is just the thing to stretch and relax your back and spine. Ideal also for general back and neck pain. The stretch releases tension and improves mobility.