Hoist Fitness Mi7 Ensemble - Functional Trainer with Multi Press

The Mi7Smith Functional Training System including multi-press from Hoist is a completely innovative home gym that maximises space by combining the MiSmith Dual Action Smith with the Mi7 Functional Trainer with a walk-through design, providing a sleek and efficient gym. Ideal for health clubs, corporate fitness, hotels, personal training, physiotherapy or similar.

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On one side of the Mi7 ensemble, the MiSmith Dual Action Smith features revolutionary patented technology that lets you create a simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar motion

that combines the benefits of free weight training with added safety and stability.

On the other side of the Mi7Smith ensemble, the Mi7 Functional Training System features dual Silent Steelreg: weight stacks with 360-degree rotating columns for complete freedom of movement. The patented Flip n Gripreg: handles offer five pull-up grip options and the patent-pending Flip n Dipreg: handles offer both narrow and wide dips.


  • 2 height-adjustable cable pulleys (28 positions) for a variety of workout options
  • 360 degree rotating columns with patent pending Integrated Adjustment System allow unlimited anatomical training exercises from different angles for general strength training or sport specific training exercises
  • Split Weight Cabling provides 50% resistance to the pulleys for increased cable travel (289cm with hand straps)
  • Two weight magazines allow for left and right independent, isolateral or joint movement workouts
  • adjustable back pad for core exercises
  • electro-welded sturdy frame construction
  • plastic-coated steel cables from the aircraft industry
  • pull-up grips with patented Flip N Gripreg: technology (foldable pull-up grips) offers 5 pull-up grip options, including Rock Grips (climbing grips)
  • patent pending Flip N Dipreg: technology offers narrow and wide grip dips
  • 2 x 67,5kg weight magazines made of black high quality steel with weight magazine cover (optional available - 2 x 22,5kg additional weights)
  • Silent Steelreg: weight system eliminates metal-to-metal contact between the plates and the guide rods for smooth and quiet movement
  • quick release adapters for fast, one-handed attachment of the handles
  • Commercial quality components including linear bearings and shafts provide smooth guided motion, less wear and more accurate power transmission
  • Polyurethane rack pads ensure noiseless weight drop and protect the bars and frame
  • Ultra-Lite Lifting System reduces Smith bar weight to only 13.5kg
  • Adjustable safety rests on the Smith rack
  • plastic feet protect the floor
  • optimised design covers most hardware
  • compact, walk-in design requires minimal floor space
  • integrated bottle holder and accessory rack provide convenient storage space
  • adjustable tablet / mobile device holder
  • free HOIST Strength app download with dozens of exercise examples and workout plans for the Mi7Smith
  • Weight cover new in black

Use: home to light institutional use, payload: approx. 300kg, payload Flip N Grip pull up handles and Flip N Dip dip bars approx. 135kg
Equipment dimensions: L233.8 x B210,8 x H212,1cm, weight 491,8kg
Accessories: long aluminium bar with rotating connection points, aluminium curl bar, lined ankle cuff, 2 handle loops, long handle loop
Options: 2 x 22,5kg additional weights, discs
Warranty: 2 years on labour and spare parts (excludes consumables such as pads/cables)


500 kg
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