Life Fitness G4 Strength Station Multistations - 1
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Life Fitness G4 Strength Station

The compact G4 strength training station from Life Fitness offers a fast and efficient workout. It is easy to adjust, allowing you to quickly change exercises and easily adapt to different users. The unique design includes ergonomically shaped handles for correct arm position and movement sequences that ensure a consistent workout.

CHF 3'390.00 Tax included

CHF 3'135.99 Tax excluded

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Life Fitness Leg Press for Multistation G2/G4

Life Fitness Leg Press for Multistation G2/G4

CHF 1'090.00
Life Fitness 23kg extra weight

Life Fitness 23kg extra weight

CHF 139.00
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  • Station 1: bench press with angle of motion adjustment for horizontal bench press, incline bench press and shoulder press, shoulder press with inclinable back support.
  • Station 2: stretched butterfly with 2 axes of rotation align themselves for maximum comfort and range of motion during fly exercises
  • Station 3: upper pulley for a variety of exercises (upper body pulling exercises, lat pull, triceps, ab crunch, crossover)
  • Station 4: middle pulley for a variety of exercises (abdominal crunch, pulling exercises)
  • Station 5: leg extension and leg curl station for quadriceps and leg biceps training
  • Station 6: lower pulley for a variety of exercises (abductors, adductors, hip and gluteal muscles, calf raises, biceps curl, rowing), with hinged footrest
  • 1 user
  • space-saving, modern design
  • adjustable seat and back cushions
  • ergonomic handles
  • quality padding
  • weight block cover
  • 1 weight block 73kg

Use: home use to light institutional use, payload: approx. 200kg
Equipment dimensions without leg press: L203 x W127 x H210cm, weight 220kg
Accessories: lat bar, rowing bar, foot strap, ab/triceps straps, magnetic exercise cards (available in English only)
Options: Leg press, 23kg additional weight
Warranty: Home use: 2 years full warranty: Light institutional use: 1 year full warranty (max. 1000 hours per year) (CH Service)

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