BRUTEforce® Functional Trainer-Half Rack-Multipress 360PTX Rack and Multi Press - 1
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BRUTEforce® Functional Trainer-Half Rack-Multipress 360PTX

The innovative BRUTEforce® 360PTX strength training equipment that offers more variety than any other Functional Trainer - Multi Press combination. It is designed to meet the needs and demands of a wide variety of users. The dynamic "Jammer Arm" system, makes this functional machine the most versatile unit on the market. Also included is the "Track your Workout" board, which allows you to monitor your workout exercises and progress. 360PTX is ideal for home studios and personal training studios.

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BRUTEforce® Universal Bench with Leg Curl/Leg Extension add-on module (SUPA808)
BRUTEforce® Universal Bench with Leg Curl/Leg Extension add-on module (SUPA808)
CHF 499.00
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  • high quality fitness equipment with improved design, designed in Australia
  • increased stability due to robust supporting legs
  • the main frame is made of steel tube with dimensions 70 mm x 50 mm
  • the surface is treated with corrosion resistant powder paint
  • the machine guarantees quick, easy and safe handling
  • nylon surface of all locking screws
  • easy-to-install footrest is now standard on every machine
  • includes four chrome-plated disc storage pins 50mm
  • machine dimensions: (W) 1865 mm x (D) 1560 mm x (H) 2160 mm
  • NEW: Convenient "Track Your Workout" board where you can record and monitor your workout progress at the same time

Functional Trainer (Cable Pulley System) - features 2 x 100kg precision-cut steel weight stacks in 5-kg increments, commercial-grade aircraft cable (rated at 1000kg), and a pop pin for quick and easy weight selection. Equipped with commercial-grade pulleys with sealed bearings for smooth movement. The 360PTX is equipped with a 2:1 pulley ratio to ensure adequate cable travel and prevent "rollover" of the weight stack when performing cable function movements, crossover cables, etc.

  • weight magazines 2 x 100kg in 5kg increments
  • including safety pin for weight adjustment
  • equipped with rollers with bearings for smooth movement and easy adjustment even with one hand
  • Ratio 2 : 1 - to ensure sufficient cable movement

Power Rack - Equipped with "spotting arms" (safeties) and commercial J-Hooks that are quick and easy to remove and adjust. Both J-Hooks and "spotting" arms have 8mm thick nylon strips to prevent metal-to-metal contact and are equipped with safety pins.

  • suitable for all common barbell exercises
  • equipped with "spotting arms" and J-hooks that can be quickly and easily removed or adjusted
  • J-Hook and "spotting" are equipped with safety pins and practical 8mm strips that prevent the contact of the barbell with the surface of the structure and thus possible abrasion

Smith Machine - superior design and engineering provide a safer and more natural range of motion when the body is in action. We use only the best self-aligning 25mm linear bearings. Also, stainless steel safety pins, hardened chrome finish for all main moving parts and 8mm super strong stainless steel carabiners. The Smith Machine-Bar has an increased diameter of 35mm, which improves the weight rating by an additional 100kg. To help you get your maximum, the Functional Trainer Smith Machine 360PTX has attachment points (pegs) for rubberized resistance/assist bands positioned along the front foot bar that extend for added workout intensity.

  • state-of-the-art design provides a safer and more natural range of motion
  • improved 25mm linear bearings for smooth running and quiet operation, virtually silent
  • stainless steel safety pins and 8 mm extra thick stainless steel carabiners
  • integrated Smith machine rod with a handle diameter of 35mm
  • rod with disc support for 51mm discs
  • also equipped with adjustable safety stops at maximum load
  • including exercise pins in combination with resistance rubber
  • chromed guide bars made of solid steel

arm system

  • dynamic "jammer arm" system that takes the workout to a higher level

pull-up bar with multiple handles

  • the handles allow 5 different grip variations
  • suitable for both short and long arm stretches

attachment ring - for TRX etc. is in the foreground and provides a great attachment point for a variety of training equipment.

  • great attachment point for a variety of training equipment such as TRX sling trainer

Extreme Core Trainer - fits both Olympic and regular bars. This is a great way for the personal fitness trainer or elite athlete to train the core with power, anti-rotation and rotation movements.

Weight plate storage horns

  • the 2 horns are made of high quality nylon and are located on the back of the unit to hold the weight plates when not in use

Use: home to light institutional use, payload Multipress approx. 400kg, payload Functional Trainer approx. 200kg
Machine dimensions: W186.5 with bar x D147 (166 with spotter arms) x H217.5cm, Weight: approx. 420kg
Accessories: Bars, Handles and Strap Attachments(Functional Bar, V Handle, Anchor Securing System for Lat Pull Downs, Short Tri/Bicep Bar, A/B Stirrup Handle, Tricep Rope, A/B Resistance Band Pegs, A/B Cable Handles, Abdominal Crunch Belt, Land mine/Core Trainer, A/B Olympic Snap Lock Collars, Ankle Cuff, A/B J Hooks, A/B Spotter/Safety Arms, A/B Dipping Handles), Leg Press Plate
(Note: various accessories such as elastic bands, tricep rope, free barbell bar and weight plates and accessories from the video and photos are not included but can be purchased separately)
Options: 51mm discs
Warranty: home: 2 years on labor and parts (excludes consumables); light institutional: 1 year on labor and parts (excludes consumables).

286 kg
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