Weight benches

Weight benches

Effective strength training with a weight bench and training bench

A professional training bench or weight bench is the basis for any effective strength training. Whether at home or in the gym - training with a weight bench (bench pressis a very efficient training method to keep the body fit and healthy and to promote the development of all muscle groups.

However, free weight exercises on the training bench are more challenging compared to machine-led fitness training. We'll show you how to do the bench press properly and help you find the right workout benches and dumbbells, bars & weights to help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Weigh benches! Benefit from a versatile bench press workout

With a workout bench you have the opportunity for many different workouts. With just a few dumbbells you can work out the whole body from back, shoulders and arms to chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs. The versatile free weight training with weight benches is very good for fitness, endurance and muscle building. You also activate support muscles, which are responsible for posture. But even without additional training accessories such as dumbbells a Weight bench very many training options such as bench press, six pack workouts, abdominal exercises or push-up variations.

Which exercises can you do on a weight bench?

The training possibilities do not only depend on the dumbbell training Bank , but also from the accessories that you are purchasing. But even two simple dumbbells and a barbell are enough to get the most out of the bench press workout. The following exercises can be performed on a weight bench or training bench:

  • Bench press & incline bench press

  • Negative bench press

  • Chest press

  • Dumbbell row

  • Shoulder press

  • Concentration Curls

  • Weight bench training for triceps

  • Step-Ups

  • Crunches

With these weight bench exercises you not only push your muscles, but the entire body can be trained intensely and effectively.

Our training benches are as individual as your weight bench training

At Shark Fitness you will find a large selection of professional fitness equipment and hand benches from major brands from the Fitness branches, such as Body Solid, Impulse Fitness, Jordan, NOHrD, TuffStuff, Tunturi and much more. Regardless of which training session you want to buy your weight bench for, our range extends from the flat bench & incline bench (e.g. TuffStuff flat / incline bench) via negative bank (e.g. Jordan Negativbank Pro) up to Universalbank & Multibank (e.g. SportsArt Universalbank & Body Solid Multibank foldable). But also the matching training accessories such as the Body Solid biceps pad or the Body Solid leg section.

What you should consider when buying a training bench

You want to buy a weight bench? Then you should Make sure that the dimensions of the seat and back cushions are tailored to your body size. In addition, a prevents Floor protection mat (e.g. Life Fitness floor protection mats) slides on smooth surfaces and at the same time protects the floor from scratches. Regardless of whether you just want to do a little free weight exercises or an intensive weight bench strength training . With the weight benches and training benches by Shark Fitness you have created the basis for effective training.

Have we awakened the Shark in you?

To the greatest To benefit from our fitness equipment, we would be happy to support you with advice, selection and installation of your new weight bench. Get in touch contact with us.

Hoist Fitness 7 Position F.I.D. Folding Universal Bench (HF-5167)
Over the past 40 years, HOIST® Fitness has become a leader in the strength training equipment industry through proven effectiveness, durability and versatility. The HOIST Consumer Free Weight and Personal Training System product line is precision built with superior components and unique space saving designs.

CHF 499.00
Body Solid Universal Bench GFID31
Body Solid - universal bench for flat, incline and negative bench press, 90° shoulder press and dumbbell training. The negative function makes this bench also suitable for sit-ups and abdominal crunches. Specially designed with a shortened base frame to fit perfectly into all Smith machines, power racks and multi-press racks. Allows proper form and positioning for incline and shoulder press exercises in all racks. Improved design provides quick, easy, solid and secure 6-position ladder-style back pad adjustment.
CHF 399.00
Hoist Fitness Flat/Incline Bench (CF-3160)
SPECIAL OFFER - while stocks last Combining European styling and American engineering, HOIST FITNESSreg: takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Premium Line has the same aesthetic features and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT line.
CHF 1'250.00
BRUTEforce® Universal Bench with Leg Curl/Leg Extension add-on module (SUPA808)
The BRUTEforce® adjustable workout bench with leg extension and leg curl attachment is the ideal bench for any home gym. The weight bench fits perfectly with most Smith Machines, Power Racks and Multi-Press Racks. Design features include 6 adjustment options that allow for incline, flat, decline and upward positions, conveniently positioned foot rollers and sturdy construction. The fully included leg extension/leg curl attachment makes the SUPA808 exercise bench from BRUTEforce® the perfect workout partner.
CHF 499.00
PowerBlock Sports Bench (PBBESP)
The PowerBlock sports bench can be adjusted from flat to 30, 45 or 60degrees to the upright position. With dip and chin-up station you can train dips or pull-ups at the back of the bench.
CHF 319.00
Body Solid Pro Universal Bench GFID71
Body Solid - Universal bench GFID71 for flat, incline and negative bench press, 90° shoulder press and dumbbell training. The negative function makes this bench also suitable for sit-ups and abdominal crunches. The sturdy 5.1 x 7.6cm steel frame of the Body Solid GFID71 workout bench can easily handle a load capacity of approximately 300kg. The back and seat cushions lock into six positions to align the body for perfect posture during all exercises, while the ultra-thick DuraFirm padding comfortably supports you through the most intense workouts. Lock your legs in the T-Bar Leg Hold Down with oversized casters for added comfort and stability while performing upper and lower abdominal exercises and positive and negative incline strength training. Convenient transport casters make the GFID71 effortless to move in and out of any rack for ultimate versatility
CHF 499.00
Jordan Fusion HIIT Bench (JLHB-01)
Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Jordan HIIT Training Bench offers a multi-functional 3-in-1 training station - weight bench, plyo box and storage unit. The Fusion HIIT bench offers a small footprint with great potential. The Jordan HIIT Training Bench is designed to provide the greatest variety of exercises in the smallest training area, thanks to its small footprint and integrated tools (available as an option). Perfect for boutique gyms, personal training studios, hotel and home gyms with smaller spaces. It is also a great addition to the gym in larger gyms, health clubs and hotels that want to benefit from a moveable unit.
CHF 1'690.00
Body Solid Flat / Incline Bench GFI21

Quick-change safety retraction pin allows multiple angle adjustment of the back pad from flat to an exact 90-degree angle. The perfect bench for a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises.

CHF 319.00
Body Solid Leverage Universal Bank FID46
Body Solid - Leverage Universal Bench FID46 for flat, incline and negative bench press, 90° shoulder press and dumbbell training. The negative function also makes this bench suitable for sit-ups and abdominal crunches. The integrated leg section allows leg extension and prone leg curl exercises.
CHF 499.00
TuffStuff Universal Bank (CMB-375)
High quality universal bench from TuffStuff for flat, incline and negative bench press, 90° shoulder press and dumbbell training. Due to the negative function this bench is also suitable for sit-ups and abdominal crunches.
CHF 799.00
Impulse Fitness Universal Bank (IT7011C)
35 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment has made Impulse Fitness one of the largest manufacturing brands in the world. The Impulse Fitness IT-Series is a commercial strength equipment line with over 50 machines that meet the training needs of beginners to experienced athletes. Highest quality at an appealing price/performance ratio characterize the IT-Series by Impulse Fitness.
CHF 649.00