List of products by brand Jordan Fitness

Jordan Sync Box (JLSYNCBOX)
The Sync Box from Jordan is ideal for Crossfit, personal training and plyometric training. The sturdy and stable platform of the Sync Box is equipped with soft, durable, shock-absorbing and non-slip materials. Plyometric training is a form of training with the goal of performing a fast, powerful and explosive movement in the shortest possible time to help build muscle. Thus, the sides, corners and edges are created to avoid bumps and bruises.
Jordan Universal Bank Pro (JL-AB)
The Jordan Premium Universal Bench is a versatile bench for a variety of upper body strength exercises. The compact design makes this adjustable bench a great, space-saving and easy-to-move piece of equipment suitable for any gym.
Jordan Upright Utility Bench Pro (JL-UUB)
Take your upper body strength to a new level with the Premium Upright Utility Bench from Jordan. Perfect for use with dumbbells, barbells and SZ curl bars for strength training, especially shoulder and arm training. The compact design makes this upright utility bench space-saving and easy to transport. It is suitable for any gym.
Per4m Juke 360 (JL-J360)

Per4mreg: Juke 360 ??is used to build explosive movement power and proper footwork technique during workouts. The Juke 360 ??helps build strength and endurance and improve movement, speed and flow.