Strength equipment

Power stations and training benches for targeted strength and muscle building

Strength exercises and bench press with the right resistance

Multi-stations offer the advantage in the professional fitness area that the muscle build-up of different body regions can be combined on one device. The bench press, on the other hand, concentrates the muscle work on the chest, shoulders and arms by pushing weight away from the so-called flat bench.

The new strength equipment line from SportsArt impresses with its extraordinary design and outstanding quality in technology and biomechanics.

The production of the line consisting of more than 30 different single devices and benches takes place in a production plant certified according to the TÜV guidelines ISO9001/9002 and thus guarantees the very high processing quality.

Thanks to the complete covering of the weight stack with an extremely robust protective casing, all current international safety standards are met. The patented function of two independently switchable intermediate weights allows a fine graduation of the training in 1.5kg steps. Wide Kevlar belts and oversized rollers ensure smooth and quiet running characteristics. Ergonomically designed seat cushions provide a comfortable and stable seating position during training. Intuitive range-of-motion adjustment allows for very precise fine-tuning of the training levers.

Different variations in the colour of the equipment frame and upholstery allow to give the line a personal touch and to enhance the ambience of any fitness club or training area with the excellent and elegant design.

BodyCraft The Jones 3D Commercial - Club Version
The The Jones 3D Multi Press by Bodycraft allows a free movement of the dumbbell up and down, as well as forward and backward for a pleasant, gentle motion. The Club model impresses with its solid construction and is suitable for commercial use in fitness clubs.
CHF 3'690.00
Hoist Fitness Flat Bench (CF-3163)
Combining European styling and American engineering, HOIST FITNESSreg: takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Premium Line has the same aesthetic features and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT line.
Impulse Squat (SL7034)
The Plate Loaded series from Impulse Fitness for the highest demands and in a modern design.
CHF 1'990.00