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Lifelong fitness and vitality

Life Fitness, the world's leading manufacturer of premium fitness equipment, develops products that are simple, reliable and visually compelling. So all clubs, studios, sports facilities and health care facilities can benefit from the versatile and high-quality strength training with Life Fitness.

Life Fitness - for an active
and healthy life

Life Fitness has the right offer for all types of training and age groups. Individuals, gyms as well as health centers are well equipped with the fitness equipment, such as cardio and strength equipment, from Life Fitness. The training equipment is user-friendly, easily accessible for all ages and performance levels, and comes with an appealing design. Therefore, they are ideal for fitness training with best agers but also for people with physical limitations. With the fitness products of Life Fitness you invest not only in premium fitness equipment, but also in an active and healthy life.

Greatest possible training experience with the Life Fitness Club Series

Life Fitness Club Series fitness equipment is built on more than 20 years of reliability, innovation and knowledge gained from developing proven cardio equipment used in gyms worldwide. For example, the next-generation Club Series cross trainer is more solid and sleek than ever - but has the same reliable durability. This all-new concept boasts intuitive technology, advanced features, and a modern and timeless design that fits into any environment.

More about Life Fitness

Life Fitness, headquartered in Illinois (USA), is the world's leading manufacturer of fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells premium endurance and strength training equipment under the brand names Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group and SCIFIT. Its fitness products are sold in 166 countries.

Digital edge through innovation

In addition to being health-promoting and user-friendly, fitness equipment also focuses on innovation and progress. Digitalization in studios will become increasingly important. In the near future, no one will be able to avoid networked devices that record and analyze training data. Users expect professional evaluation and control of their workouts through interactive equipment supplemented by competent trainers. Thus, technology on cardio equipment enables personalized workouts with parameters that are easy to record. Life Fitness' product innovations thus contribute significantly to the digitalization of the fitness industry. Life Fitness thus demonstrates its pioneering role for exceptional training experiences and convinces. 

Small Group Training using sophisticated modular systems

Life Fitness offers modular systems that enable studios to meet Small Group Training (SGT) needs. The SGT portfolio is a carefully selected set of strength and endurance equipment and training accessories that can be used to quickly and easily create attractive group training spaces for intense and varied sessions. This combination stirs emotions among members and strengthens their loyalty to fitness clubs.

Life Fitness stands by its customers

Life Fitness supplies its customers not just with individual pieces of equipment, but with complete product and room concepts that enable them to achieve measurable success. They see themselves as a premium partner, handing out high-quality fitness equipment to fitness centers and studio operators and contributing comprehensive expertise in all aspects of training spaces of all kinds. From the classic weight machine to the digitally networked treadmill for interactive training to the emotionally gripping boutique feel for motivation and customer retention.

With Life Fitness training equipment, you can achieve your fitness goals effectively yet gently.

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