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Boxing equipment and boxing accessories

Hit the mark with boxing training equipment and boxing gear

Shark Fitness has been equipping boxing athletes with boxing gloves, punching bags and boxing trainers for years, but also with everything to protect themselves for this intense sport like bandages or boxing protective clothing.

With the brands Bruce Lee, Hatton, Hammer or Jordan we trust in high quality processed equipment, which makes boxing training hit or miss with every punch.

If you think boxing is all about hitting your opponent as hard as possible, you're sorely mistaken. In addition to the whole-body training component, this intense sport also has a strong mental component and thrives on mutual respect and adherence to clear rules.

Boxing enthusiasts are often not primarily concerned with competition. The training on the punching bag, the boxing trainer or the pads alone is a great workout, promotes health and fitness and the training sessions can reduce pent-up stress in a targeted and concentrated manner.

Which boxing accessories do I need?

Boxing gloves and boxing bandages

It's obvious: good protection for knuckles, fingers and wrists is important in boxing. The type of boxing training you choose and the form in which you train is crucial.

Boxing gloves with finger openings such as the Bruce Lee MMA boxing gloves do not restrict the freedom of movement and are optimal for mixed martial arts and similar training variants.

For sparring and fitness sessions and boxing gloves provide the desired protection and support the punching power.

For punching bag training or training with punching pads, boxing gloves are the right choice. The padding in the boxing glove absorbs blows and thus protects hands and wrist.

The bandaging in the boxing gloves additionally stabilizes the wrists and knuckles and can prevent injuries. Boxing bandages or alternatively inner gloves also absorb sweat before it gets into the padding of the boxing gloves. This prevents them from starting to smell unpleasant.

Boxbirne und Punchingball für den Boxsport

Punching balls

Punching balls intensify boxing training and not only improve punching and kicking skills, but also specifically train reaction and movement skills.

By training on the punching stand or the speedball, the so-called "boxing ball", you also develop a feeling for the correct punching distance.

Another advantage is, of course, that boxing training at home, especially with the Bruce Lee Free Punching Stand, can be done easily and in a space-saving way.

Boxsäcke Gewichte für Boxsport

Punching bags

The classic punching bag that is attached to the ceiling, the so-called "heavy bag", is very suitable for training punching power and improving punching and kicking technique. As a recommendation, the weight of a punching bag should be about 40-50 of the body weight of the boxer.

As accessories you can find in our online shop also ceiling hooks or wall brackets to mount the punching bags safely at home or in the training hall.

Box Schutzbekleidung Mundschutz Kopfschutz Boxzubehör

Boxing protective clothing

In sparring or fighting with your boxing partner you are exposed to attacks. Quick movements and evasive maneuvers are part of boxing training. With the right protective equipment such as mouth and head protection and good stabilization with shin gu ards, you can prevent injuries and stay in the ring longer.

Bruce Lee Speedball on stand (14BLSBO106)
Bruce Lee standing punching ball for a varied boxing training. This leather punching ball of the brand Bruce Lee is made of black leather. With the punching ball stamina and punching speed is trained and improved. The reaction ability is particularly promoted, because the athlete must be 100% on the job by the rebound of the ball. In this way, progress in focusing can also be achieved. The diameter of the bulb is only 17 cm and you can therefore easily integrate the speedball into a room.

Tunturi Slamman Stand Punching Bag Reaction Trainer
The Tunturi Slam Man is a reaction trainer that is perfect for boxing and martial arts. However, it can also be used in popular sports. The workout is not only fun, but also an excellent full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Anyone can do the workout on the Slamman and training with it is also suitable for stress relief after a hard day.
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Bruce Lee Deluxe Boxing Gloves (14BLSBO001)
SALE - available while stocks last
Bruce Lee leather boxing gloves with thumb and a Velcro closure in typical Asian Bruce Lee design. The luxury version of the Bruce Lee boxing gloves gives stability to the wrist by the wide velcro closure. In addition, the glove protects the fingers and hands by a thick padding and thus also prevents injuries.
CHF 71.20
CHF 89.00
Bruce Lee Boxing Trainer - Free Boxing Stand (14BLSBO073)
The ideal training partner for home. The Bruce Lee standing punching bag helps to increase the intensity in training as well as to improve punching and kicking skills. The punching stand is very robust and durable, making it a long-lasting training tool. The base can be filled with sand to guarantee a firm stand. Thus, the free-standing boxing stand does not fall over during training.
Hatton Punching Ball (JLBOX-HATPB)
The Punching Ball is the ideal training partner for every boxer. Thee unpredictable movements of the Punching Ball improve speed, accuracy, timing and rhythm. You have to learn to read the Punching Ball like your opponent in the ring.

Hatton 10kg Corn Pear (JLBOX-HATMB)
Improve accuracy, agility and speed with the Hatton Leather Corn Ball. The cornball is shaped to withstand a variety of punches. The size and weight of the cornball allow the boxer to move, improving lateral body and head movement, as well as punch range and footwork.
Tunturi Boxing Allround Boxing Gloves
The Tunturi Allround Boxing Gloves convince with an excellent wearing comfort and a simple design. This boxing glove comes with a wide Velcro closure around the wrist, which provides stability in this area. In addition, the glove protects the fingers and hands by a thick padding and thus prevents injuries.