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Tunturi Slamman Stand Punching Bag Reaction Trainer

The Tunturi Slam Man is a reaction trainer that is perfect for boxing and martial arts. However, it can also be used in popular sports. The workout is not only fun, but also an excellent full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Anyone can do the workout on the Slamman and training with it is also suitable for stress relief after a hard day.

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Train like a pro with the Bruce Lee reaction trainer.

A boxing partner that can take a punch

Train with the Bruce Lee boxing dummy and complete a boxing workout and martial arts training that has it all. The reaction trainer is an absolute must-have for every martial artist. It is height adjustable and can be set to any level of performance.

You want to make your boxing training more interactive?

No problem, if you train with the Bruce Lee Slam Man. This freestanding punch dummy is equipped with tactically positioned lights that light up in 3 different program routines. To help you refine and improve your boxing technique and give yourself an advanced workout. Reaction speed and coordination, speed, agility, precision and eye-hand coordination - all skills can be improved with the Bruce Lee Slam Man. The great martial art consists in hitting all the lights that indicate the training sequence by lighting up, by punching and kicking as quickly as possible. By simulating a real boxing workout, the boxing dummy efficiently guides you to both aerobic and anaerobic training. With 15 different programs and 3 levels of difficulty, all muscle groups can be trained optimally.

How does the Box Dummy work?

After you have set the desired program, you can start training. Meet the slam man where the light comes on. You need to hit the box dummy in different places. This will train your reaction and speed.

Many training programs

Choose your workout and test yourself.

  • 4 x training programs
  • 3 x training levels
  • 1 x stroke counter

Height adjustable

You can adjust the Bruce Lee reaction trainer in 3 different heights (162cm, 172cm, 182cm). Optimize the boxing trainer to your height or simulate a height difference to your opponent.

Train on different levels and become faster.

Select punch function

You can train different punches on various body parts with the Boxing Dummy.

  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Center (abdomen)
  • Upper ribs
  • Lower ribs

What are the advantages of the Bruce Lee "box dummy" reaction trainer?

✔ Simultaneous training of multiple skills

✔ Multiple training programs

✔ Height adjustable

✔ The foam body protects against injuries

✔ Stand can be filled with water or sand up to (120 kg)

14 kg

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