Electric scooter

Micro Electroscooter Explorer (EM0036)
The perfect combination of power and comfort - The Micro Explorer combines power and comfort like no other. With a range of 30 kilometres and a maximum motor power of 500 watts, the e-scooter is the perfect last-mile solution and the ideal means of transport in city traffic. The wide deck, height-adjustable handlebars and front and rear suspension ensure a pleasant ride, even on uneven surfaces. The low weight, the foldable handles and the intuitive foot folding mechanism make it easy to transport and combine with public transport. Maximum safety is ensured by the three different braking mechanisms, the integrated front and rear lights and the reflectors on the side.
Micro Electroscooter Merlin X4 Black (EM0049)
The sprung long-distance runner approved for the road! - The Micro Merlin X4 with handbrake convinces not only with its range of up to 25 kilometers, but also with high driving comfort. The large wheels in combination with the front and rear suspension lead to high comfort even in bad road conditions.