Sport & Fitness Classic Pack Bar 24x35g Bar - 1
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Sport & Fitness Classic Pack Bar 24x35g

The Classic Pack bar with 11g protein.

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Endurance units nibble away at your muscles. If they are not supplied with their building material, protein, during the regeneration phase, you will feel the effects. Because a poor protein supply scratches the optimized success! The Classic Pack provides 11 grams of protein in snack form. This makes regeneration really fun.

At least 3 times a day protein with your meals. Protein from fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, legumes, soy products or nuts. So that your muscles exhausted by training can regenerate. Because they consist of protein and water. Take care of your muscles and they will take care of you during hard endurance sessions!

OUT OF THE STUDIO - Lack of time? Don't feel like eating the protein sources just described? To get your protein for your regeneration: 2-3 bars daily
BEFORE THE WORKOUT - The quick snack just before the workout. If you run out of time to eat again. 1 Classic Pack
AFTER TRAINING - If you prefer bite-size protein for regeneration. Up to 2 Classic Packs after training.

Packaging unit: 24 bars à 35g per carton
Flavor: Classic (Banana)

1 kg

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