Sponser Nitroflow Performance 10 x 7g
Innovative NO booster for blood flow - oxygen - performance. NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 by SPONSERreg: is a scientifically designed dietary supplement, with high-polyphenol plant extracts (extracts from 29 plants and L-citrulline). Fruitflowreg: tomato extract keeps platelets supple, avoids excessive clumping and thus maintains normal blood flow. Suitable for endurance athletes and strength athletes.
Sponser Immunoguard 10x4g
IMMUNOGUARD by SPONSER is a scientifically designed food supplement on a natural plant basis to strengthen the immune defense and protect against oxidative stress. The product was designed for athletes, but due to the high-quality functional ingredients it is also generally suitable in everyday life / work or during periods of increased stress. It can be taken preventively or acutely.
Sponser Liquid Energy Ultra 40 x 25g
LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA by SPONSER is a liquid energy concentrate made from complex carbohydrates as well as MCT fat (medium-chain triglycerides) from high-quality vegetable oils. The gel was designed to support performance during long endurance efforts of low intensity and differs from other gels largely by a higher energy density due to the fat content.