Pre Workout

Sponser Activator 200, 30 x 25ml
Drinking ampoules with high caffeine content (200 mg/ampoule). Caffeine has been used in sports for over 100 years. It was not until the 1970s that targeted studies were conducted to investigate its performance-enhancing effects in sports. More recent studies prove the effectiveness of caffeine as a performance-enhancing supplement.
Sponser Lactoferrin 90 Capsules
Lactoferrin is a transport protein that binds iron and occurs naturally in milk. Lactoferrin from cow's milk is not only used in breast milk substitutes, but also as a novel food ingredient in dietary supplements. In addition to 300 mg of lactoferrin per daily ration, LACTOFERRIN capsules also provide micronized iron and vitamin C to form an iron transport matrix, as vitamin C increases iron absorption.
Sponser Pre Workout Booster 256g can
PRE WORKOUT BOOSTER is typically used in weight training for intense and goal-oriented workouts. The formulation contains Whey protein hydrolisate CFM Nitro, supplemented with 7 plant extracts (Fiit-ns and Vinitrox) and 3 amino acids and taurine.
Powerfood One Intra Performance 1000g can
Enjoy an active lifestyle - Give yourself the extra performance for your workout with Intra Performance. The contained clusterdextrin is a high-performance carbohydrate that provides you with an energy boost and ensures long-lasting performance. The EAAs ensure the best possible supply of the muscles. Go for it!
Sponser Muscle Relax Shot 4 x 30ml
Uncontrolled muscle contractions (cramps) are a common phenomenon in endurance and game sports and usually lead to the termination of performance. The innovative and study-based product MUSCLE RELAX by SPONSER inhibits and reduces uncontrolled muscle contractions and can be taken acutely or preventively.
Sponser Sponser Caffeine Caps, 90 capsules
CAFFEINE CAPS by Sponser provide 50mg of caffeine per capsule in free form. Therefore, they are ideally suited for individual caffeine dosage during exercise and especially for people with sensitive stomachs. Because thanks to the gastric acid-resistant CAFFEINE CAPS, the caffeine is only released in the intestine and thus minimizes potential tolerance problems.
Sponser Relax & Recover 120g can

Daily sleep is central to health and performance. The body uses the daily off-time specifically for the regeneration of its central functions. For example, nerve cells in the brain are newly linked - important for learning processes - proteins are formed, hormones are released and the immune system is strengthened. But the energy systems also reorganize themselves so that you feel refreshed and rested the next day.
Powerfood One Pre-Pump 600g can
Enjoy an active lifestyle! Pre-Pump is a particularly effective pump and muscle building supplement and is considered the innovation par excellence in the field of pre-workout energy boosters. Pre-Pump provides the most important nutrients and Nitric Oxide factors for before and during training.