All Stars Speed Attack 24 x 60ml Pre-Workout - 1
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All Stars Speed Attack 24 x 60ml

Speed Attack by All Stars - the highly effective energy booster.

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You are tired, exhausted, had a busy and stressful day? Actually, you don't have much motivation to work out? Especially not intensively and with heavy weights...
then you need an extra energy boost! With Speed Attackreg: a special, highly effective energy booster was developed by the All Stars Research Group, which clearly stands out from conventional energy products.

Many energy products contain guarana as an energy boosting ingredient. However, since the natural caffeine contained in guarana is released very slowly and with a time delay, the desired effect often occurs raquo:too latelaquo: and also lasts too long. If such a product is taken directly before training (e.g. at the counter in the gym), the effect is usually felt only at the end of the workout due to the time-delayed onset of action.

All Stars Speed Attackreg: on the other hand, contains the active ingredient 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine in liquid form, which guarantees an ultra-fast onset of action. The effect of Speed Attackreg: already occurs after 10-15 minutes and reaches its peak after 30-40 minutes. Ideal, therefore, for high-intensity strength training, which usually lasts 45-90 minutes. Speed Attackreg: is also excellent for supporting endurance training by positively supporting its fat-burning effects.

Recommended usage:
Take 3 capsules as needed about 30-60 minutes before training and another 3 capsules after training. On non-training days consume 3 capsules before breakfast and 3 capsules before bedtime.

Packaging unit: 24 drinking bottles à 60ml
Flavor: orange

All Stars
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