Weider Thermo Caps 120 tablets
Thermo Caps were developed by Weider to support athletes in their training. It is taken especially in the definition phase. The reason for this is that many bodybuilders, strength and fitness athletes are convinced that the Thermo Caps would help burn fat!
Sponser Body Shaper 200g can
BODY SHAPER is designed to support definition and diet phases in ambitious weight training. It is based on pure plant phytosubstances such as OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), citrus flavonoids, betaine and ecdysterone. BODY SHAPER is intended for addition to post-workout protein shakes, and therefore deliberately only very mildly flavored to soften the natural flavor of the high-quality plant extracts.
Sponser Low Carb Protein Shake, 550g can
Great tasting, high quality protein shake based on milk protein, egg albumin and whey (=whey) protein. Suitable as a protein and fiber-rich meal for a calorie-reduced diet, especially with reduced carbohydrate content (low carb). Ideal for supplementing and increasing the protein content of a meal in combination with salad, fruit and vegetables.
Shakes for the metabolic diet
Shakes for the Metabolic Diet provides over 100 recipes for quickly and easily prepared protein shakes that will help you diversify your diet. Shakes are not only a time-saving, but also an exceedingly healthy alternative to conventional meals.