Weider 32% Protein Bar - Bar - 24x60g
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Weider 32% Protein Bar - Bar - 24x60g

32% Protein Bar by Weider - Bar with carbohydrates and proteins.

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The athletic guideline of the nutritional composition for bodybuilders states that at least 50% carbohydrates, 30iweiss and max. 20ett should be taken. This is not always easy in practice. Who knows the exact composition of all foods? The 32% Protein Bar complies with this guideline, giving you the option of a simple and balanced diet that meets your training goals.

The big difference of this snack compared to normal chocolate snacks is not only the high protein content, but also the much lower amount of fat. A normal chocolate snack contains 16g of fat per 60g. The 32% Protein Bar is in no way inferior to these bars in taste, but only has a fat content of 5.4g fat per 60g. On the other hand, the 32% Protein Bar contains more than 19g of protein per 60g bar (for comparison: good 35g bars contain approx. 9g of protein). For the first-class taste, banana flakes are incorporated into the protein mass of milk and egg protein. In addition, one bar already covers a large part of the daily requirement of essential vitamins. Coated with wafer-thin milk chocolate, it is the ideal snack for in between meals. For all those who need a lot of protein for their trained muscles but little fat. So that the training is also worthwhile.

Product features:
bull: Bar with carbohydrates and protein
bull: Lots of protein, little fat and first-class taste
bull: When it has to be sweet and tasty.

Recommended intake:
Ideal as a snack or dessert. Before and after training.

Flavour: Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies

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