Sponser Competition Hypotonic 1000g Can Vitamins & Minerals - 1
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Sponser Competition Hypotonic 1000g can

pH-neutral sports drink with important electrolytes and subtle aroma.

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COMPETITION is a subtly flavored sports drink powder with important electrolytes. Due to its special composition and the taste- and pH-neutral properties, it is extremely tolerable even at high concentrations. COMPETITION focuses on the elementary of a sports drink - optimal fluid replacement with maximum energy density! This is made possible by the extraordinarily low osmolarity and at the same time significantly higher carbohydrate content than in usual sports drinks. The 8 different carbohydrates allow the body to absorb them through different transport systems. This allows the body to obtain a significantly higher proportion of energy from the carbohydrates supplied and conserve the body's own glycogen reserves. The combination of different types of sugars also helps for a slower and longer lasting energy supply and improves energy utilization by 20-50% compared to a single type of sugar.


  • Virtually pH-neutral competition drink, as it contains no acidifiers and has a subtle aroma
  • High molecular weight starch hydrolisates with very low osmolarity
  • Isomaltulose (glucose + fructose) and trehalose (glucose + glucose) ensure a significantly slower rise in blood sugar and insulin compared to other types of sugar.
  • Up to 100 g powder per 1000 ml and still hypotonic(240 mOsm) Application Sports drink for the highest energy needs and tolerance requirements. Also suitable for carboloading. Up to 100 g/liter the drink is hypotonic (240 mOsm),

in case of very high energy demand the concentration can be increased up to max. 120 g/liter (isotonic).

Flavors: orange, citrus, raspberry, fruitmix, cool mint
Packaging unit: 1000g can

1 kg
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