Aerobics, fitness and gymnastics

TOGU Powerball ABS blue
The safest universal exercise balls. The Powerballs with ABS = Anti-Burst-System = guaranteed safety even if damaged during use. The Powerball ABS series from TOGU has been awarded the AGR seal of approval! The material composition of ABS is patented in Germany and the USA. (Price from D45cm)
CHF 31.90
SKLZ Resistance Cable Set
Train power and strength at almost any place with the Resistance Cable Set by SKLZ (price from extra-light)
CHF 29.90
SKLZ Universal Cuff
Functional Training Foot and Hand Strap - turn your home into a complete functional training playground with the combination of SKLZ Universal Cuff, Training Cables and our Universal Anchor. Wherever you want to train, develop arm, leg and core strength with the complete system or parts of it. The Universal Cuff is also great for warm-ups and stretching.
CHF 21.90
SKLZ Jump Rope
Improve your speed, agility and endurance with the robust and durable SKLZ Jump Rope. The handles of the jump rope are comfortably padded and the rope glides smoothly. The SKLZ Jump Rope is perfect for warming up and is great for beginners.
CHF 15.90
SKLZ Speed Rope
With its double ball bearing with steel pin, the SKLZ Speed Rope has a very smooth rotation. The rope is not very rigid, so annoying tangles and loops are avoided. The Speed Rope is ideal for intensive training sessions and exercises, such as double or triple unders.
CHF 39.00
TechnoGym Active Sitting Ball
Turn the time you spend sitting into exercise time with Wellness Ball - Active Sitting. This is a fitness tool that can be an interesting alternative to the traditional chair, helping you to strengthen your muscles and improve balance, agility, coordination and posture.
CHF 280.00
VLUV Stov fabric seat ball pebble
VLUV STOV is the new fabric version of the VLUV ball concept. VLUV creates a cosy, warm and soft seating option in every home or office. It fits perfectly into any living and working ambience. And VLUV is also healthy. The ball is available in different colours.
CHF 109.00
TRX Invizi Mount
The solution for wall mounting the TRX Suspension Trainer. Easy to install and inconspicuous. Perfect for your effective workout within your four walls.
CHF 39.00