Floor mats - Martial arts mats, grey/black 100x100x4cm
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Floor mats - Martial arts mats, grey/black 100x100x4cm

Martial arts mat gray/black with interlocking edges to create any color training surface.


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Martial arts mat grey/black, 100x100x4 cm

Doitsu martial arts mat with serrated edges, approx. 100 x 100 x 4 cm, two-coloured (1 side grey, 1 side black) to create a training surface of any colour.

Shock-absorbing, stable foam material, closed-cell, therefore fully washable and waterproof. Each mat is supplied as standard with 2 edge strips with a smooth finish.

Particularly suitable for sports floors in Karate, Taekwondo, Kick- and Thaiboxing, Boxing, Fitness and Aerobics etc.

Care and installation instructions for interlocking martial arts mats:

By purchasing Doitsu martial arts mats, you have chosen a quality product that will serve you well for a long time if used and cared for correctly.

Please be sure to follow the instructions below, this is the only way to ensure that you get the full benefit of the product:

1.Installation / Storage / Use:

- Lay the mats on your surface. The surface must be even and smooth. After you have made the main surface from the mats you can cut and fit mats around the edge with a sharp knife if necessary. IMPORTANT: The mats must be laid freely on the surface and must not be glued, screwed or otherwise attached to the floor. Since the mats are made of foam, which can expand with use and temperature differences, the mat must always have an expansion gap all around to walls or surrounds. If the expansion gap is not sufficient at a later date and the mats rest against the wall or edging due to expansion, the mat surface must be reworked at the edge with a sharp knife and a new expansion gap created.

- As the mats get a bit larger over their lifetime, newly purchased areas that are to be added may not fit as well. This is due to technical reasons and is normal, please note!

- During transport and storage, do not bend or roll up the mats, only store them lying flat.

- Pointed or angular objects can damage the mat. Therefore, please train barefoot or in suitable training shoes and avoid shoes with heels.

2. cleaning:

You can clean the mats regularly with lukewarm water. If necessary, you can add a weakly dosed cleaning agent (floor cleaner for PVC or similar) to the wiping water. Please only dose according to the instructions for use, otherwise the surface of the mats could be damaged.


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