Lets Bands Powerbands Set FLEX
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Lets Bands Powerbands Set FLEX

The powerbands set FLEX is maximally flexible and offers almost unlimited application possibilities in individual fitness training as well as in rehabilitation. The set consists of three different bands/strengths to choose the training intensity individually. A door anchor as well as an exercise guide complete the set to be able to train maximally effectively. Suitable for every fitness levell.

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The FLEX bands (also known as therabands) are suitable for activating and stabilizing the muscles, for restoring muscle and joint functions and for rehabilitation, just as for any kind of fitness training. Regular training improves strength, flexibility and coordination. The three resistance levels and the door anchor expand the almost unlimited possibilities of use, which include increasing strength, mobility and flexibility, and make training possible for every level of fitness.

The resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the bands. The linear buildup of strength as the ligaments stretch is gentle on joints and prevents injury - a major plus in therapy and fitness training.

Bonus: Exclusive 60-day access to our online training platform to help you with your individual powerbands workout.

- Pain reduction
- Strength increase
- Balance improvement
- Endurance improvement
- Fall prevention
- Blood pressure reduction
- Posture improvement
- Reduction of movement restrictions
- Improved functionality
- Improved mobility and flexibility

NOTE: Caution for allergy sufferers - our powerbands are not latex-free!

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