Yoga and pilates

Sissel Pilates Toning Ball

The ideal addition to your Pilates mat program! The Toning Balls can be integrated into many Pilates exercises. The balls are filled with fine sand and are very robust. They can ideally combine strength and balance training: For example, push-ups become more difficult because the hands on the small balls have to keep the balance. In addition, several muscle groups are stretched and strengthened simultaneously with each movement - you can't train more economically.
Sissel Pilates band
Depending on the exercise, your hands and/or feet are put in here. This simple support helps you to have more torso stability and the perfect posture during the execution of the exercise. In addition, the band provides resistance that further intensifies the Pilates exercises.
Tunturi Pilates Ring (14TUSYO066)
The Tunturi Pilates Ring is a modern version of Josph Pilates' magic circle. Training against the resistance of the ring strengthens many muscle groups. Training with the Tunturi Pilates Ring helps build better basic stability, improves posture, tones and shapes the body and helps build strength, balance and coordination. The ring can be used either as an aid in various sports for stretching and warming up, or you can use the ring to increase the difficulty of Pilates and yoga exercises.