Measuring instruments

Body Solid watch
The Body Solid wall clock in disc form - an enrichment of every training room.
CHF 39.00
Tanita BC-313 body composition monitor
The Tanita BC-313 body composition scale impresses with its beautiful glass look, the touch screen and the 50 gram division. In addition, the scale is very compact despite a capacity of 150kg. The large LCD display shows 10 body composition measurements in a short time.
CHF 139.00
Tanita RD-953 body composition monitor, black
The new secret weapon for fitness success - easy to use, accurate, effective. Nothing compares to this Bluetooth connected RD-953 smart scale that gives you more than 10 body composition evaluations, including muscle quality and muscle quality score.
CHF 259.00
Tanita Activity Monitor AM-120
With the AM-120, TANITA presents the further development of the pedometer: The so-called Activity Monitor is based on innovative technology and sportshy:medical research results. It not only displays the number of steps taken during the day, but also a graphical activity index and the calorie consumption at rest and under current conditions.
CHF 89.00
Tanita RD-545 Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale
Segmental Body Composition Monitor with wireless connection - Take control of your body with the Tanita RD-545. With this accurate scale, you can monitor 20 types of body compositions and measure each part with pinpoint accuracy. Then set your goals and chart your progress with the MyTanita app. Customize your training program according to your activities and body composition.
CHF 490.00
Tanita BC-545N Body Composition Monitor
The BC-545N offers Tanita's state-of-the-art segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to analyse and measure the proportions of body fat and muscle mass in five segments: Arms, legs and central abdominal area. Provides results in as little as 15 seconds.
CHF 299.00
Tanita BC-601CG Inner Scan Body Composition Monitor
Segment body analysis scale with 3-year history display and segment measurements for fat and muscle mass for each arm, leg and torso area separately. The values are stored on SD card and can be transferred to the PC.
CHF 309.00