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Protect yourself with the right training aid

Anyone who regularly visits the gym knows that it takes more than just fitness equipment to get the best workout. Training aids protect the body and help to optimize the workout. From training gloves or fitness gloves to various pull straps and pull aids (eg Schiek Deluxe pull strap 1000-PLS) to bandages for wrist, knee and elbow - you will find it all in the Shark Fitness Shop.

Get the perfect workout with the right equipment

When choosing training aids, a lot depends on your sport and your training style. Of course, many aids can be used in many different ways, but your training aid should still be tailored to you and your individual workout.

It does not matter whether you train in a team or alone. It is only important that the workouts are varied, so that you do not overstrain your body or even harm it. That's why the right training aid accessories are all the more important for a safe and healthy workout.

Which training aid suits me?

Shark Fitness offers a wide range of exercise equipment that can be customized to fit your workout. Need help choosing the right training aid for you? Contact us today without obligation - we will be happy to help you.

ARTZT Vintage Series Jumping Box (LA-4181)
From the classic box jump to the parcours: The ARTZT Vintage Series jump box should not be missing during an old-school workout. Its versatile use and combination possibilities are completed by the timeless used look. The jumping boxes are made of softwood, padded and covered with core cowhide. The ARTZT Vintage Series jumping box is the ideal partner for plyometric training in athletics, martial arts or ball sports or simply in the living room as a stylish seat in a sociable round. The four multiplex feet with non-staining rubber buffers guarantee optimal stability.
ARTZT Vintage Series Jumping Box Plus (LA-4307)
From the classic box jump to the course: the ARTZT Vintage Series Jumping Box Plus should not be missing during an old-school workout. Its versatile use and combination possibilities are completed by the timeless vintage look. The stable gym box is made of softwood, padded and covered with core cowhide. The new jumping box PLUS even goes one better: The lid can be opened to reveal the spacious interior. Here you can store your favourite fitness tools and small equipment such as a theraband, fascia roller, skipping rope and even a small medicine ball.
Per4m Juke 360 (JL-J360)
Per4mreg: Juke 360 ??is used to build explosive movement power and proper footwork technique during workouts. The Juke 360 ??helps build strength and endurance and improve movement, speed and flow."
CHF 69.00
Body Solid 3-in-1 Plyometric Wooden Box (BSTWPBOX)
The 3-in-1 Plyo Block combines all the advantages of the Body Solid plyometric boxes. The Body Solid plyometric boxes are ideal for Crossfit, personal training and plyometric training. Plyometric training is a form of training with the aim of performing a fast, powerful and explosive movement in the shortest possible time, which supports muscle building.
CHF 199.00
Body Solid Landmine Plate Pivot (LMPP)
The LMPP Landmine Plate Pivot is Body-Solid's most versatile landmine, offering users an almost unlimited variety of exercise options. At 50.8cm in diameter, the Landmine Plate Pivot from Body Solid slides easily into stacked weight plates
CHF 49.00
Per4m Quick Cones (JL-QC)
Training with the Quick Cones greatly improves kicking off, slowing down and changing direction quickly with precise timing and body control. Ideal for any sport and is used at all camps
CHF 29.00
Casall wrist cuffs (61080-83)
Special offer - available while stocks last
Wrist cuffs with Velcro closure from Casall. Available in 2 weight increments 0.5 and 1.5kg.
CHF 22.90
Per4m Power Chute (JL-PC)
Per4m's Power Chute allows for maximum acceleration and top run times through resistance and overspeed workouts. The parachute improves stride length and frequency to push top speeds. With the Quick-Release Buckle, you'll harness your stride energy and experience the sensation of shooting forward.
CHF 39.00