Lebert Fitness Equalizer XL black
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Lebert Fitness Equalizer XL black

Simple design, spectacular results! Just like thousands of personal trainers, you'll love it too! Simplify your workout routine and achieve your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener. The LEBERT EQUALIZER is a simple, portable and versatile strength training tool that works your arms, chest, back and core like no other piece of equipment before it.

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It uses your own body weight as resistance. The LEBERT EQUALIZER was invented by Marc Lebert, personal trainer and Taekwondo black belt. Since its introduction, it has been used by athletes of all ages and fitness levels. The LEBERT EQUALIZER fits everywhere: Boot camp, group fitness classes, conditioning and martial arts training, or the home gym.

Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide for themselves which level of difficulty is right for them. In doing so, the legs help to perform an exercise correctly and/or tell the participant when an exercise cannot be continued. A simple change in leg position increases the difficulty of an exercise.

The product is incredibly versatile: more repetitions can be performed without outside help, without interrupting the exercise, or without moving a pin on a machine. This simple versatility gives the user full control over the body weight used for the exercise. The results are greater muscle endurance and more muscle strength.

Fitness Application:

Thanks to the EQUALIZER, any group fitness class, conditioning workout, personal training, or home workout takes on a new dimension. The EQUALIZER is extremely suitable for anyone who wants a simple and versatile piece of strength equipment. The EQUALIZER is ideal for personal trainers who are constantly looking for new, innovative equipment to motivate and challenge their clients. The EQUALIZER is a perfect fit for any home gym as it is safe, lightweight and easy to store.

Product Description:

The EQUALIZER Black XL already includes the Lebert Big Boy T-Legs.

It therefore has the following dimensions:

Height: 80 cm
Width: 63.5 cm

weight: 8,9kg

Colours: black, chrome

It holds a weight of up to 181.8 kg, is easily stackable and requires little storage space.

Scope of delivery:

A package includes 2 EQUALIZER bars, an exercise DVD for beginners and advanced beginners with Marc Lebert, and laminated posters.

21 kg