Training belt

A training belt, also known as a weightlifting belt or lifting belt, is an accessory used in strength training.

Purpose: The training belt is mainly used when lifting heavy weights, such as squats or deadlifts. It is used to stabilize the torso and increase the pressure in the abdominal area. By compressing the abdomen, the belt supports the spine and helps activate core muscles and reduce injuries.

Construction: exercise belts are usually made of a wide, strong and sturdy material such as leather or durable nylon. They are usually wider at the back and taper toward the front. The belt is worn around the waist and secured with a buckle or Velcro closure. There are different sizes and adjustment options to ensure a custom fit.

How it works: Wearing an exercise belt increases pressure in the abdomen, which is called intra-abdominal pressure. This pressure supports the spine and stabilizes the torso during exercise. This improves the transfer of force to the legs or upper body and reduces the load on the spine.

Use: Training belts are primarily used by experienced strength athletes and weightlifters who lift heavy weights. They can also be used for specific training phases or competitions that focus on maximum strength training. For beginners or people who do not work with heavy weights, a training belt may not be necessary.

Proper Use: It is important to properly apply and adjust the training belt to ensure maximum support and safety. The belt should fit tightly, but not too tightly, around the waist so as not to restrict breathing. It should not be considered a substitute for learning proper technique and form during strength training, but rather a supplemental tool.

Schiek Power Lifting Belt Model 3006
Schiek Sports weightlifting belts are specially designed and handcrafted to provide the maximum support necessary for the back. The Power Belt 3006 has an extra reinforcement of a neoprene surface coating to support the Schiek belt at the back even better. The belt is therefore harder than the 2006 model and has a higher stiffness.
Schiek Waist Trimmer 800WT

If you want to improve your weight loss or give your back extra support, the Schiek Waist Trimmer 800 is just what you need. It's comfortable, adjustable and raises your core temperature to get more sweat out of your workout.