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Train your body and mind

Spirit Fitness combines high quality and ergonomic fitness equipment with many years of experience and excellent results. Spirit Fitness products are of the highest quality to meet the daily needs of users.

Spirit Fitness - With innovation to success

Innovation that improves the user experience is also a passion of Spirit Fitness, along with fitness equipment. They pay attention to detail and were one of the first pioneers to incorporate ventilation into their fitness equipment. Now, a high-quality fan is standard on their equipment, just as most have an audio speaker for MP3 players built in. These and many other exclusive features, such as the Spirit Fit app, are integrated into most Spirit Fitness products to help users feel comfortable while working out and reach their fitness goals faster.

Get your spirit moving

There are many companies that manufacture fitness equipment, but few that focus on the details you will find in a Spirit Fitness product. Get inspired by the variety of exercise equipment and get your Spirit moving.

Spirit Fitness - Exercise equipment that supports your fitness goals.

In 1983, the first fitness product was developed by the US brand Spirit Fitness with the simple goal of providing users with fitness equipment of the highest quality to efficiently achieve their fitness goals. To this day, all equipment is designed with an emphasis on ensuring that each new product design meets the same exacting standards that created Spirit Fitness. For over 30 years, the focus has been on providing a quality experience with fitness equipment.

Innovation and digitalization are the focus

Spirit Fitness products are designed to keep pace with the individual long-term fitness goals of users. The technical component is always in focus at Spirit Fitness. Thus, innovation and interactive innovations are part of a sustainable and user-oriented company development.

That's why Spirit Fitness has developed the Spirit Fit App - The app connects via Bluetooth to treadmill, bike, recumbent ergometer or elliptical trainer. Current workout data can be displayed in three different display screens on the device. Switching is easy via the icons on the screen From the workout view to internet, social media or email sites, everything is possible. Once the workout is complete, the data is automatically uploaded to the personal calendar for future reference. The Spirit Fit app can share workout data with HealthKitApp, Fitbit, Record, MapMyFitness, Facebook and Twitter.

Spirit Fitness products are an investment. These fitness equipment will help you achieve your fitness goals with quality and awareness.

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