Training accessories

Fitness Accessories for Functional Training, Sports and Bodybuilding

If you are pursuing the goal of an athletic and well-trained body, you need the right sports products and the right training accessories. In the Shark Fitness Accessories Shop, you will find countless accessories that can support you during your workout. We have an extensive range of fitness accessories from strong fitness Brands such as

Powerball Multilight
A dynamo integrated in the rotor lights up the Original Powerball Multi Light in changing colours during training.
CHF 59.90
Jordan Tufnut (JLTFNT)
There's nothing quite like throwing a hoop around and giving your body a raw full-body workout. The problem with this is that hoops are difficult to control and unstable. You're not guaranteed a safe workout. That's what the TufNut from Jordan Fitness make possible. (Price from 40kg)
CHF 750.00
Bosu Balance Trainer Pro
The BOSU Balance Trainer Pro is a versatile and professional training tool for balance and agility, coordination and core stability. The BOSU Balance Trainer Pro can be integrated into all types of fitness training or used alone as an outstanding functional tool.
CHF 229.00
Style-Fit Fascia Roller
Fascia roller in exclusive design - the STIL-FIT fascia roller made of walnut wood is covered with dark brown imitation leather and is reinforced by two aluminium rings. This not only looks classy, but is also extremely comfortable to use.
CHF 225.00
Fitwood Chin Bar Trollveggen matt white
The TROLLVEGGEN pull-up bar fits wonderfully in your home and is always ready for use. Now you can do your workout with an elegant, stylish and durable pull-up bar, which is also designed in a Scandinavian style. The bar offers you an exceptional grip and a great feel at the same time.

CHF 249.00
VLUV Stov fabric seat ball pebble
VLUV STOV is the new fabric version of the VLUV ball concept. VLUV creates a cosy, warm and soft seating option in every home or office. It fits perfectly into any living and working ambience. And VLUV is also healthy. The ball is available in different colours.
CHF 109.00
Tanita RD-545 Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale
Segmental Body Composition Monitor with wireless connection - Take control of your body with the Tanita RD-545. With this accurate scale, you can monitor 20 types of body compositions and measure each part with pinpoint accuracy. Then set your goals and chart your progress with the MyTanita app. Customize your training program according to your activities and body composition.
CHF 490.00
PowerBlock Sport EXP Set 5-50 pair of dumbbells 1,1-22,7kg (optional up to 40,8kg)
PowerBlock is the world's first adjustable dumbbell system. The PowerBlock combines a complete dumbbell set in a single dumbbell pair. The efficient use of space makes the PowerBlock dumbbell pairs suitable for home use, but also for use in physiotherapies, hotels or smaller studios. The Sport EXP dumbbell pair is a composable set with expandable weights up to 41kg to suit the user's requirements.
CHF 449.00
Fitwood massage roller M-Roll 35
The M-ROLL 35 fits visually great in your home, but also serves at the same time as a useful training tool for muscle tone. Made of firm foam, the massage roller thus also supports self-massage. Improve your health and well-being with Scandinavian style and design.
CHF 59.00