WaterRower rowing machines

WaterRower rowing machines

Rowing machines that perfectly combine fitness and style

Feel the water resistance and hear the pleasant sound of the water - a workout that feels like you're gliding across the water in a boat. 

WaterRower - the rowing machine with the authentic training feeling

Effective during workouts, quiet during use, stylish in design and easy on the joints for sports routines, all with a feel that perfectly simulates rowing on water. What else do you expect from your exercise equipment?

WaterRower rowers

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A workout for the whole body

WaterRower sets the standard in combining stylish design, craftsmanship, the unique durability of the WaterFlywheel and ethically sourced materials. With one of the world's best rowing simulators, you'll shape your body and burn plenty of calories with just a 10-minute workout. 

WaterRower rowing machines for the gym and home

The original since 1988 - the WaterRower was invented by John Duke in 1988. The American rower developed the practical function and timeless design of the rower on the basic idea that training on land mirrors as real as possible the conditions on the water.

The WaterRower was designed to fit comfortably, to the hectic everyday life. Just put it down and it's ready to go. Feel the unique feeling of water resistance and listen to the pleasant sound of the water.

The heart of the WaterRower is the patented water tank with the ergonomically shaped water paddle. This allows for maximum water retention and creates the smooth, jerk-free resistance. Training with water resistance is absolutely gentle on the joints, relaxing and at the same time extremely effective.

The WaterRower automatically adapts to the user. The resistance regulates itself after entering the force. The harder you pull, the greater the resistance. The WaterRower is self-determining. With the WaterRower you can show yourself. You don't have to hide it like many other steel fitness machines. The WaterRower is an eye-catcher for guests. It is almost silent and thus does not disturb neighbors, so it can be used anytime after 10 p.m.

The WaterRower's unique aesthetics, unenriched by other ergometers, combined with the high quality of the device, make the WaterRower one of the most successful rowing ergometers ever. The WaterRower's self-determination effect means it can be used by anyone at any time, without having to make tedious changes to presets. The WaterRower's beautiful design prevents dislike through appearance and motivates regular exercise use. Timeless, appealing and excellent - the WaterRower rower was awarded the renowned Plus X Award for its unique design and was the only sports equipment in the Design Museum of London.

The WaterRower built in different types of wood, as well as the steel has a world-wide patent on the water vane wheel, which simulates the dynamics of the rowing motion. When the wheel is pulled through the water tank, the water resistance is created, which feels natural, soft and smooth, and connects to rowing on the water.

The soft splashing of the water enhances the impression of gliding away in the boat. The WaterRower takes advantage of the rowing motion in a unique way: You train while determining your load and speed yourself.Because rowing stroke and speed of a boat are interdependent, each crew in the rowing boat sets its own training intensity by simply changing the speed at which it rows. The faster the boat glides across the water, the faster the crew pulls the oar through the water and the more effort they have to put in. When swimming, you get the same effect. The WaterRower simulates exactly this effect on land. Therefore, you don't need a device to adjust the training resistance. If you want to train more intensively, simply row faster. The WaterRower will respond accordingly.

Healthy and fit - fitness equipment for professionals

Rowing machines offer some advantages for a gentle and holistic fitness training. Perhaps you are still not quite sure whether an exercise bike is not better suited to you? Or you prefer to achieve your fitness goals with an indoor cycle? 

Inform yourself about the other equipment categories online or come by and benefit from the personal advice of our fitness professionals. 

What are the advantages of rowing machines over other exercise equipment?

  • Rowing machines provide a low-impact but comprehensive total body workout.
  • approx. 80 % of the muscle groups are used during the training. Not only arm and shoulder muscles are formed, but also back, buttock, thigh and calf muscles.
  • The flowing movements make rowing training a form of physical activity that is easy on the joints.
  • It offers an ideal opportunity to practice the sport of rowing for those who may not live directly on a lake, river or canal.
  • Even with waters in the surrounding area, with an indoor rower you are not dependent on the weather and can do your training session in the dry.
  • Rowing is an ideal workout for beginners, but fitness professionals also get their money's worth. It can be well adapted to one's own fitness level.
  • The resistance of the water adjusts automatically, which is easy on the joints. In addition, the workout is quiet and has a relaxing effect.