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NorsK RowFlow 5.0 rowing machine

The new NorsK line with its elegant wooden look - when developing the NorsK fitness equipment, the declared aim was to combine exercise in everyday life with a more sustainable lifestyle. Great importance was therefore attached to the use of high-quality components and at the same time care was taken to use as little plastic / polystyrene as possible for the equipment itself and its packaging. The NorsK fitness equipment blends seamlessly into the living space thanks to its unusual design in a fine wood look, motivating people to exercise regularly in a pleasant and familiar environment.

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Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor (92075957)
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor (92075957)
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With the NorsK series - "Fitness Nature Made*", innovation, environmental friendliness and modern design merge into a fitness machine that enchants. Immerse yourself in a world of perfect training, driven by the latest technology and an awareness of our environment. The elegant wooden aesthetics of the NorsK CrossPace 5.0 are not only a feast for the eyes, but also blend seamlessly into your living space, motivating you to exercise regularly in a pleasant and familiar environment.

The gentle and flowing movements of the water not only train endurance and strength, but also balance and coordination, while being gentle on the joints. You can regulate the intensity of your training by adjusting both the volume of the tank and the stroke force, so you are always rowing in the optimum range. The high-quality water tank made of robust polycarbonate provides a calming background noise of the water.


  • Water rowing machine in a natural wooden design
  • Resistance is created by tightening the water wheel in the water tank
  • Resistance adjusts to the force applied by the user (the harder you row, the greater the resistance)
  • high-quality water tank made of robust polycarbonate with a capacity of 17 liters
  • easy-to-use and clear training computer with LCD display (2 x AA batteries)
  • Display of duration, 500m time, strokes per minute, total number of rowing strokes, resistance level, watts, distance, calories burned, heart rate
  • Target programs: Time, distance, calories
  • Telemetric heart rate measurement (integrated pulse receiver)
  • adjustable console
  • compatible with Kinomap
  • ergonomically shaped rowing handle - the ergonomically shaped rowing handle allows you to vary the grip as you wish. Whether wide or narrow rowing, you always have the choice!
  • Pulley system
  • Dual rail system made of aluminum
  • Step plate spacing 10cm
  • Seat height approx. 51cm
  • Rail length 105cm
  • Pedals: size-adjustable, non-slip, with adjustable straps
  • ergonomically shaped, ball-bearing rowing seat on premium aluminum double rails ensures a smooth and highly dynamic motion sequence
  • ball-bearing mounted rollers on the rowing seat
  • high-quality pull strap - the pull strap is specially designed to ensure a firm and direct flow of movement during the rowing workout. Durable and robust, it offers maximum stability and resistance
  • Can be raised to save space
  • tablet holder
  • transport wheels
  • height compensation

Application: Home use, payload: approx. 150kg
Device dimensions: L205x W57 x H103cm, raised L90 x W57 x H205cm, weight 44kg (without water filling)
Accessories: 4 chlorine tablets
Option: Transmitter belt 5kHz
Warranty: 2 years on labor and spare parts (travel time excluded)

Brake system
Water resistance system
Resistance levels
Water resistance dependent
Training computer
LCD display
Displayed values
Training programs
Pulse-controlled programs
User-defined programs
Pulse receiver
Rail system
Double rail
Bluetooth transmitter belt, floor protection mat
Foldable / erectable
Folding / set up dimension
Dimensions (length / width / height)
Device weight
approx. 150 kg
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