Waterrower Performance Oak Rowing Machine - 1

Waterrower Performance Oak

The design rower - The classic design of the original WaterRower fits harmoniously into its environment and fits perfectly into any home decor. WaterRower rowing machines are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail in high-quality handwork. The Waterrower Performance is a specially designed oak model that has SmartRow installed instead of the S4 monitor. With SmartRow, their training data can now be recorded even more accurately and stored directly via Bluetooth, for example, on the smartphone. The special advantage is that through the technology used all workouts on each WaterRower become comparable. In addition, this model offers a special footboard with professional foot tabs, a wider pull handle, XL rails and the WaterRower smartphone and tablet holder (size: 140 - 206 mm).

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Made of oak - with XL rails - with Smart-Row - with professional footboard - with tablet holder.

Performance model including SmartRow
With SmartRow, your training data can now be recorded even more accurately - and stored directly on your smartphone! The special advantage of SmartRow is that the technology used makes all workouts on any WaterRower comparable - and completely independent of the water level and 100% accurate.
In addition, values such as time, distance, number of strokes and calories are also listed and stored for each individual workout - so that further improvements and hidden potential can be analyzed in retrospect. The heart rate can also be read out and displayed.
The most important elements are the force used, the distance covered and the time required - a value is determined from these three components, which is given in watts. Thanks to the built-in strain gauges, the most accurate results can be measured and displayed for the first time - this makes training units on the WaterRower completely comparable.
SmartRow is installed in the WaterRower instead of the normal pulley - via strain gauges (DMS for short), the force used during rowing is transferred into a measurable unit. The rowing data is transmitted to the SmartRow app via Bluetooth. A Bluetooth chest strap is required for heart rate transmission.
App connection to iOS and Android.

Performance model includes smartphone and tablet mount
The smartphone / tablet mount bolts securely to the Waterrower and folds away when not in use. Smartphone mount included. Size 140-206mm.

Performance with XL rails
from 2m body length.

Performance with extras
with wide access and with special foot board with professional foot straps.

The original since 1988 - the WaterRower was invented by John Duke in 1988. The American rower developed the practical function and timeless design of the rower on the basic idea that training on land mirrors as real as possible the conditions on the water.

The WaterRower was designed to be comfortable, to fit the busy everyday life. Just put it down and it's ready to go. Feel the unique sensation of water resistance and listen to the pleasant sound of the water.

The heart of the WaterRower is the patented water tank with the ergonomically shaped water paddle. This allows for maximum water retention and creates the smooth, jerk-free resistance. Training with water resistance is absolutely gentle on the joints, relaxing and at the same time extremely effective.

The WaterRower automatically adapts to the user. The resistance regulates itself according to the input of the force. The harder you pull, the greater the resistance. The WaterRower is self-determining. Even a 10 minute workout, burns a lot of calories, shapes your body and makes you feel good. With the WaterRower you can show yourself. You don't have to hide it like many other steel fitness machines. The WaterRower looks good on you and creates an attraction for guests. The WaterRower does not disturb any neighbors and can be used at any time, even after 10 pm.

The unique aesthetics of the WaterRowerrsquo:s, unrivaled by other ergometers, combined with the high quality of the equipment, make the WaterRower one of the most successful rowing ergometers ever. The WaterRowerrsquo:s self-determination effect means that it can be used by anyone at any time, without having to make tedious changes to presets. The WaterRowerrsquo:s beautiful design prevents dislike through appearance and motivates regular training use. Timeless, appealing and excellent - the WaterRower rower was awarded the prestigious Plus X Award for its unique design and was the only piece of sports equipment in the Design Museum of London.

Built in various types of wood, as well as steel, the WaterRower has a worldwide patent on the water impeller, which simulates the dynamics of the rowing motion. As the wheel is pulled through the water tank, the water resistance is created, which feels natural, smooth and even, and connects to rowing on the water.

The gentle lapping of the water enhances the impression of gliding away in a boat. The WaterRower takes advantage of the rowing motion in a unique way: You exercise while determining your own load and speed. Because the stroke and speed of a boat are interdependent, each crew in the rowing boat sets their own training intensity by simply changing the speed at which they row. The faster the boat glides across the water, the faster the crew pulls the oar through the water and the more effort they have to put in. When swimming, you get the same effect. The WaterRower simulates exactly this effect on land. Therefore, you don't need a device to adjust the training resistance. If you want to train more intensively, simply row faster. The WaterRower will respond accordingly.

Rowing uses 84% of the body's muscles. At the same time, posture and cardiovascular system are improved and metabolism is stimulated. Hardly any other endurance sport is as effective. Rowing alone is therefore a complete full-body workout and thus also suitable for efficiently increasing your overall fitness

Water tank
The resistance in the WaterRower rower is generated in the unique water tank. The resistance does not have to be adjusted manually, because it is determined by your effort alone.

Rails and feet
The extremely resilient feet made of high-quality rubber protect your floor and ensure slip resistance. The rails are also available in XL length (from 2m body length).

Roller seat
The seat moves during the training almost silently in the rowing cycle over the rails. Eight ball-bearing rollers made of wear-free polyurethane ensure perfect rolling glide. You sit comfortably on an ergonomically shaped cushion.

The WaterRower takes up as little space vertically as a chair and can be set up easily. The center of gravity is at the tank, making it easy to lift the WaterRower at the end of the track. The water remains safely in the tank.


  • Solid oak wood construction.
  • Water tank with the ergonomically shaped water paddle - this allows maximum water intake and thus creates a smooth, jerk-free and pleasant resistance
  • Resistance is created by tightening the water wheel in the water tank
  • Resistance adjusts to the user's effort - the water resistance is self-determined, i.e. it precisely adjusts to the rower's effort in every single movement. As in the original rowing, the rowing boat moves through the water based on the use of muscle power. The rower feels the element of water through the paddle
  • the advantages of water as a resistance medium: the resistance adjusts automatically, gentle on the joints, the workout is quiet and relaxing, water shows no wear - it is tireless
  • with SmartRow
  • footboard with professional foot straps
  • foot distance 14cm (like in a boat)
  • wide pull handle
  • XL rail
  • smartphone and tablet holder (size: 140 - 206 mm)
  • tank made of robust and impact resistant polycarbonate - the same material is used in the aircraft industry to make the window panes (for maintenance and to keep the water clean the WaterRower chlorine tablets are recommended)
  • Water wheel made of stainless steel
  • drawstring made of ultra-strong, tightly woven polyester
  • space-saving elevation
  • comfortable, ergonomically shaped and smooth-running roller seat with 8 ball-bearing rollers made of wear-free polyurethane
  • highest flexibility with optimal rowing position offers the WaterRower footrest - the footrests can be adjusted in height at the push of a button
  • feet made of high quality rubber protect the floor and provide slip resistance
  • Tablet not included

Use: home to commercial continuous use, payload: approx. 150kg
Unit dimensions: L220 x W51 x H56cm, weight 32kg (without water filling)
Accessories: water pump
Options: Bluetooth transmitter belt
Warranty: 2 years on labor & materials (excludes consumables), 5 years on wood.

Any wood used in the WaterRower is sourced from renewable resources in the USA, only young, smooth solid heartwood is used and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. As a natural resource, wood can vary slightly in color from tree to tree - it is this effect that makes each WaterRower rower truly unique.

51 cm
56 cm
Brake system
Water resistance system
Resistance levels
Water resistance dependent
Training computer
Via tablet / smartphone
Displayed values
Time, number of rowing strokes per workout, calorie consumption, rowing strokes per minute - distance & time needed per 500m
Training programs
Pulse-controlled programs
Pulse receiver
Bluetooth interface, Smart Row APP,
Rail system
Double rail
Water pump, 2 chlorine tablets
Pulse receiver for wireless pulse collection, POLAR transmitter belt
Foldable / erectable
Folding / set up dimension
L 56 x W 51 x H 220 cm
Dimensions (length / width / height)
L 220 x W 51 x H 56 cm
Device weight
32 kg (without water filling)
approx. 150 kg
Heinbereich bis kommerzieller Dauereinsatz
2 years on labor & material (excl. consumables), 5 years on wood
Tough and impact resistant polycarbonate tank, stainless steel water wheel, ultra-strong tight weave polyester drawstring, XL track, 8 ball bearing casters.
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