Hatton 35kg Heavy PU punching bag 100x40cm (JLBOX-HAT100BPU)
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Hatton 35kg Heavy PU punching bag 100x40cm (JLBOX-HAT100BPU)

Train your punching power with a Hatton Heavy Duty punching bag. Made from 100% dyed leather and filled with a unique and exclusive filling material, the Heavy Bags are hand-stitched for superior quality and lasting durability. Each heavy duty punching bag comes with a 6 way tie down chain for maximum safety and support.

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Filling is an important part of any punching bag and at Hatton Boxing, extensive research and testing has been carried out during the product development phase to ensure that all Hatton punching bags are designed for maximum performance and durability. All Hatton punching bags are filled with an exclusive filling material that ensures that the shape is maintained even during the toughest training sessions and that the filling remains evenly distributed. the filling remains evenly distributed.

The unique properties provide maximum absorption on impact and minimise force on contact, allowing you to train longer and harder.

  • made of synthetic polyurethane
  • chain included
  • dimensions 100x40cm
  • weight approx. 35kg

35 kg