Jordan Premium Hexagon Dumbbells Urethane 1-30kg-Dumbbells and barbells-Shark Fitness AG
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Jordan Premium Hexagon Dumbbells Urethane 1-30kg

Urethane coated hexagon dumbbells from 1-30kg by Jordan Fitness. Urethane Hexagon Dumbbells by Jordan Fitness - for commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes. The Urethane Coated Hexagon Dumbbells are sleek, stylish and ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate workout experience for every user. As an alternative to rubberized Hexagon Dumbbells, these are the most durable Hexagon Dumbbells on the market. Jordan Hexagon Dumbbells with a premium urethane coating, feature high oil and grease repellency to resist damage from intensive use. (Price from 1kg Hexagon-KH).

CHF 19.00 (tax incl.) CHF 17.60 (tax excl.)
Tax included Delivery dates upon request


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Hexagon Dumbbells are great for a variety of upper body strength exercises, such as rowing exercises or push-ups (ideal due to the anti-roll design), as well as standard dumbbell exercises, including shoulder, chest press and biceps curls.

  • Urethane Coated Hexagon Dumbbells
  • Urethane-coated weights eliminate annoying and loud clanking of dumbbells and protect the floor as well as the equipment and have minimal abrasion marks
  • classic anti-roll design with a sleek, stylish aesthetic
  • hard chrome coated dumbbell bar
  • clear marking for easy weight identification
  • ergonomic handle
  • handle diameter highest point 3cm
  • ideal for home and commercial use
  • price per pair
  • 3 years warranty

Available from 1-30kg:

2x1kg CHF 19.--
2x2kg CHF 38.--
2x2,5kg CHF 47.--
2x3kg CHF 56.--
2x4kg CHF 76.--
2x5kg CHF 94.--
2x6kg CHF 114.--
2x7kg CHF 132.--
2x7.5kg CHF 142.--
2x8kg CHF 152.--
2x9kg CHF 170.--
2x10kg CHF 188.--
2x12.5kg CHF 198.--
2x15kg CHF 240.--
2x17.5kg CHF 280.--
2x20kg CHF 320.--
2x22.5kg CHF 360.--
2x25kg CHF 400.--
2x27.5kg CHF 420.--
2x30kg CHF 480.--

0.10 kg
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