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MFT Fit Disc 2.0 Digital Balance Trainer

MFT Fit Disc 2.0 Digital Balance Trainer - better coordination, balance and stability for all ages and abilities. The smart balance board becomes your personal trainer with the app! Connect the MFT Fit Disc 2.0 via Bluetooth and use the exercises and games in the "Bodyteamwork" app with feedback function. Intelligent coordination training with direct success control in real time. Train, play and compare results! The balance trainer for health training for the whole family and the ideal therapy training device.

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The MFT Fit Disc 2.0, the e-balance trainer for the whole family. An entry test that shows you your training level, training programs and games are fun and motivating. The simple digital balance board for everyone.

Newest technology

The MFT Fit Disc 2.0 includes motion sensors with a Bluetooth module for wireless communication with an iOS, MAC OS, Android, Amazon OS or Windows mobile device or notebook. Option on TV: by means of screen synchronization with Apple TV box, Google Chrome, etc.

Train, play and compare the results in the score list. Easy and fast to use.

MFT Boards can be used in health training, therapy and proprioceptive training for recreational or elite sports precisely because of their multifunctionality. There are no limits to the imagination and the possibilities of applications and the exercises are a welcome, healthy change for young and old that takes very little time, only 10-15 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. For detailed training instructions, please refer to the downloads or the enclosed short training programs with your product.

MFT Fit Disc 2.0 - the best workout for back and joint problems! With the Fit Disc 2.0 training you keep your body in shape, strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, train your spine, stabilize your joints, mobilize your hips and pelvis and release tension. The exercises are explained in detail in the enclosed VHS video and in the product folder. The correctness of the exercises is confirmed by a simple acoustic sound and you always have control over your training results. The Back Fit Board is suitable for training back and joint problems and due to its nature and construction it can easily be used at home or in the office for a healthy break in between.

Training goal

Health training (healthy back, healthy joints), balance/coordination training, preservation of freedom of movement, fall prevention training, reaction time and fine motor skills training.

Training intensity

Daily 10 - 30 minutes

Target group

Children, teenagers, adults and seniors. The optimal training device for the whole family.

  • Performance enhancement
  • Strengthens your back
  • Keeps your joints healthy
  • Provides more concentration and creativity

The app/software is based on 4 pillars:

  • Entry test for level classification
  • Training programs
  • Training games
  • Balance mode

Eva Schulz, certified physiotherapist and sports scientist in Innsbruck, evaluates the Fit Disc by MFT:
75% of the population suffers from ankle, knee and hip joint complaints or from tension in the back and neck area up to headaches and intervertebral disc problems. The Fit Disc is the best workout you can do to relieve tension. At the same time you strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, which stabilizes the spine and prevents disc problems. Ankle, knee and hip joints are mobilized and stabilized, preventing annoying movement pain and compensating for leg length differences resulting from pelvic obliquity.
Only 10-15 minutes on the Fit Disc three times a week are enough to noticeably counteract the typical complaints in these problem areas. The feedback system for the correct execution of movements is unique and a target-oriented exercise control for you.

MFT branded goods - top quality guaranteed!
Made in Austria. Recommended by physiotherapists and doctors, rehabilitation centers and athletes, over 100,000 health-conscious people now swear by Austrian MFT products. Test winner: The MFT Balance Boards have been awarded several times in comparisons as test winner (grade 1.3) and innovation awards.

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