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BodyCraft Elite V5 Multistation

The design of the BodyCraft Elite multistation was comprehensively thought out - the goal was to combine the benefits traditionally offered only by training with free weights with the simplicity and safety of a home gym. It has succeeded! Hundreds of available exercises, from traditional strength training to functional training, core training to sport-specific and rehabilitation exercises are possible on the BodyCraft Multistation Elite. The optional leg press/calf press adds an intensive lower body workout to the strength station. With the exclusive A.B.S. Active Balance System, the BodyCraft Multistation Elite also offers a free-weight training feel combined with the safety of a workout station and impresses with quality and design - with the Active Balance System™, simply activate the pin for traditional guided style bench press or pull the pin for free-weight style bench press. When the overhead pin is engaged, the press arm is fixed guided like all other multistations. When the pin is pulled, the press arm is allowed to rotate just enough for the user to balance the press arm, just like a barbell. The Active Balance System provides symmetry and all the benefits of a barbell, but the safety of a machine!

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Bodycraft Leg Press for Multistation Elite V5
Bodycraft Leg Press for Multistation Elite V5
CHF 769.00
BodyCraft 2.25kg extra weight
BodyCraft 2.25kg extra weight
CHF 29.00
Triceps rope, thin, 60cm (JTMBU-05)
Triceps rope, thin, 60cm (JTMBU-05)
CHF 39.00
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  • Bench press lever with angle of motion adjustment for push and pull exercises (bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press or rowing).
  • seated leg extension and leg flexor
  • upper and middle pulley for a variety of upper body exercises like lat pulldown, triceps or ab crunch
  • patented, 11-position adjustable butterfly arms make the BodyCraft Elite an innovative cable pulley station that allows for sport-specific exercises or exercises for rehabilitation training
  • lower cable pulley with sliding footplate for a variety of exercises for abduction, adduction, hips, glutes, calves, biceps, back (rowing)
  • Bench press lever with switchable A.B.S. - Active Balance System offers a workout feeling like free weight training combined with the safety of a training station. The user must balance the bench press lever during push and pull exercises. This results in muscular symmetry and involves the stabilization muscles, important for everyday activities and sports.
  • resistance doubling for bench press levers with up to 180kg resistance through simple reversal by means of Quick Hook system (1:2 ratio)
  • ergonomically shaped and easily adjustable backrest for individual adjustment for chest and shoulder training
  • easy seat height adjustment by Easy-Grip-System with hydraulic support
  • acrylic castor cover(color: satin ice)
  • 1 user
  • space saving design
  • weight block 90kg
  • protective cover for weight magazine
  • option: leg press
  • guide price CHF 4'099.--

Use: home use, payload: approx. 160kg
Machine dimensions: L175 (with leg press L175) x W159 (with leg press B215) x H210cm, training dimensions: L230 x W220 (with leg press 230 x 250cm), weight 180kg
Accessories: lat pull bar, triceps grip, abdominal pull part, 2 hand straps, foot strap, training DVD
Options: Leg press with up to 180kg resistance (ratio 2:1)
Warranty: 3 years on labor and spare parts (excludes consumables, transportation and installation)

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