Strength machines

Multi Gyms and Strength Equipment for more Power

Strength is in the strength. Build targeted muscle with strength equipment that shapes and strengthens your body and promotes muscle development. Our assortment ranges from training benches and training stations for home use to multifunctional power stations for professional use in fitness centres, gyms, health centres, schools or hotels. Thereby we trust in strong fitness brands like Life Fitness, Impulse, BodyCraft, TuffStuff, Matrix, Spirit and many more.

Efficient strength training for optimal muscle development

Regular, healthy and correctly executed strength training not only defines muscles, but also improves your fitness and health. Because properly executed strength training strengthens the heart, joints and resilience. In combination with endurance training and coordination training, strength training offers everything you need to train specific muscle groups as well.

Strength training at home? No problem, we have the right fitness equipment for you

In addition to strength training in a gym or sports centre, many people nowadays also take the opportunity to train in their own four walls. Because working out in a fitness centre is not for everyone and has long since ceased to be the only alternative. Although a professional fitness studio has a large selection of strength training equipment and good support, it is no longer as attractive as it once was. More and more people prefer and enjoy to do their muscle training at home. The following reasons speak for strength training at home: flexibility, rest and individual muscle building.

Especially people who don't feel like going to the gym after a hard day at work like to use the possibility to do their strength training at home. Depending on the space and living situation, a sports or weight room can quickly be set up to suit individual needs. Smaller equipment such as a training bench or ab trainers have always found a place in the bedroom or elsewhere.

Strength equipment for beginners or advanced users

Whether you are a beginner or already an expert - the Shark Fitness online shop offers its customers a large selection of strength equipment for every workout. Whether muscle building or joint training - our range of strength equipment is just as individual as your training plan. Have a look around, because in the Shark Fitness webshop you will find the right fitness equipment: from the training bench (bench press) to the power station to the abdominal training equipment, you will find everything your heart desires. Our fitness equipment captivates by its high-quality processing and long-lasting service life.

  • Training benches: The weight bench, also called training bench, is the ideal training equipment for your strength training at home. Training benches support your workout and are important for the support function of the skeletal muscles, as the seat and backrest provide stability.

  • Rack and Multi PressThe multi-press and the rack, also called power rack, are mainly used for safety during workouts with free weights and in difficult positions.

  • Multistations: The power station, also called multi tower or power tower, is an all-round strength equipment, because it compactly combines different possibilities for training in one device.

  • Multi-station towersA multi-station tower combines several strength training devices in one. So it is possible to train different muscle groups and personal training on a single piece of fitness equipment.

  • Cable pull stationsCable pulley stations effectively promote functional training and improve balance, stability and coordination. With maximum freedom of movement, multiple strength exercises can be performed effectively and efficiently.

  • Single stations: If you want to train specific parts of the body or muscle groups, such as abdominal training, back training, leg muscles, etc., then specific individual stations are particularly suitable, which are specifically targeted to the body parts concerned.

  • Dual Function Stations: Dual power stations have a dual training function. For example, back and abdominal exercises or flat bench and shoulder presses can be performed on one piece of strength equipment.

  • Training Stations: Whole training modules and stations for standing training. For example from the sports brand TECA.

Test strength equipment and power stations and buy immediately

You want to buy a strength equipment or a power station but you are not sure which sports equipment fits best to your fitness? Visit us at our locations in Wettingen (AG) or Wil (SG), test our strength equipment, multistations and strength towers in our showroom without obligation and convince yourself of our high-quality fitness products. Contact us without obligation to arrange a personal appointment in one of our shops.

BodyCraft The Jones 3D Commercial - Club Version
The The Jones 3D Multi Press by Bodycraft allows a free movement of the dumbbell up and down, as well as forward and backward for a pleasant, gentle motion. The Club model impresses with its solid construction and is suitable for commercial use in fitness clubs.
CHF 3'490.00
Option for SlimBeam: electronic training guidance system
In addition to the training book, it is possible to use the interactive SlimBeam training app with the practical tablet holder on the side of the SlimBeam. The SlimBeam body is prepared so that it can be extended with a tablet holder at any time. You can connect your tablet (Android only) with a USB plug and download the training app
. During the workout, the set weight, repetitions as well as the length of the pull are automatically detected and clearly displayed. Each exercise is displayed in detail with a video. "
CHF 299.00
-CHF 359.00
Hoist Fitness Flat/Incline Bench (CF-3160)
SPECIAL OFFER - while stocks last
Combining European styling and American engineering, HOIST FITNESSreg: takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Premium Line has the same aesthetic features and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT line.
CHF 990.00
CHF 1'349.00
Hoist Fitness Flat Bench (CF-3163)
Combining European styling and American engineering, HOIST FITNESSreg: takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Premium Line has the same aesthetic features and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT line.