TuffStuff AXT-225R Classic Multistation
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TuffStuff AXT-225R Classic Multistation

The AXT-225 Multistation by TuffStuff impresses with its high quality workmanship and offers a variety of free motion training exercises with its rotatable and adjustable traction arms.

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Leg press for TuffStuff SXT-550 and AXT-225 multistations
Leg press for TuffStuff SXT-550 and AXT-225 multistations
CHF 1'590.00
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  • Station 1: upper pulley for a variety of upper body pulling exercises (lat pull, triceps, ab crunch, crossover).
  • Station 2: bench press with different grip positions and adjustment of the angle of movement for horizontal bench press, incline bench press and shoulder press, as well as seated rowing with supported upper body. Variable adjustable backrest for optimal exercise performance and support of the lower back.
  • Station 3: leg curl standing and leg extension sitting.
  • Station 4: middle pulley for a variety of exercises (abdominal crunch, pulling exercises)
  • Station 5: lower pulley for a variety of exercises (abductors, adductors, hip and gluteal muscles, calf raises, biceps curl standing/sitting, rowing seated, neck pull standing).
  • Station 6: Outrigger arms: 180°: rotatable, adjustable pulling arms for a variety of exercises (abductors, adductors, hip and buttock muscles, biceps curl, butterfly, rowing and many more)
  • Optionally available: Station 7: Leg press
  • electro-welded:te stable frame construction plastic-coated steel cables from the aircraft industry
  • ergonomically formed and easily adjustable backrest for individual adjustment for chest and shoulder training
  • gas pressure assisted seat height adjustment
  • high-quality two-coloured Boltaflex upholstery
  • all adjustments secured by spring loaded safety bolts
  • 95kg weight magazine made of black high-quality steel
  • weight magazine cover with detailed exercise illustrations for the correct exercise execution and the exact adjustment of the padding and grip
  • frame colour: platinum
  • pad colour: black/grey
  • guide price CHF 3'499.--

Use: home use to light institutional use, load capacity: approx. 180kg
Equipment dimensions: L190 x W193 x H213cm, weight 217kg (leg press 89kg)
Accessories: lat bar, tricep grip, chain, foot strap, abdominal traction section, bottle holder
Options: Leg press
Warranty: 2 years on labour and spare parts (excludes consumables such as pads/cables)

193 cm
213 cm
200 kg

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