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Sponser BCAA 350 capsules

Sponser BCAA capsules with the 3 branched-chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine in free form for muscle building and delaying fatigue during endurance performance.

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Sponser BCAA contains the so-called branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, valine and isoleucine in the optimal ratio 2:1:1.

BCAA serve on the one hand as a source for the synthesis of glutamine and on the other hand are metabolized directly in the muscle, while other amino acids are absorbed via the liver. BCAA serve the body mainly as fuel under load. In case of insufficient supply, the body resorts to muscle tissue, which consists of 35% BCAA.

Under stress, the ratio of BCAA to the amino acid tryptophan is altered, which accelerates the formation of serotonin, which promotes fatigue. The supply of BCAA already during performance prevents the excess of serotonin and thus delays the central fatigue during long endurance performances.

A targeted supplementation with BCAA helps to preserve the body's reserves, minimizes protein or muscle breakdown after exercise and promotes new muscle formation.

Packaging unit 350 capsules per can

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