Muscle building

All Stars 100% Whey 500g bag
100% Whey Protein with less than 2g carbohydrates and only 1g fat per shake! Whey concentrate and Whey isolate combined with free amino acids: L-glutamine, leucine taurine.
CHF 19.50
Sponser Nitroflow Performance 10 x 7g
Innovative NO booster for blood flow - oxygen - performance. NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 by SPONSERreg: is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement, with high-polyphenol plant extracts (extracts from 29 plants and L-citrulline). Fruitflowreg: tomato extract keeps platelets supple, avoids excessive clumping and thus maintains normal blood flow. Suitable for endurance athletes and strength athletes.
CHF 35.00
Sponser Pro Beta-Alanine 140 Tablets
Beta Alanine by SPONSER is an intracellular acid buffer for competitive and strength athletes. Suitable for high-intensity, repetitive loads, where muscle overacidification becomes performance-limiting. The amino acid supplement increases the muscle's own carnosine content, which increases the intracellular acid buffer capacity and can thus increase performance in anaerobic-lactacid sports.
CHF 32.50
Sponser Ultra Competition 1kg can
The new sports drink ULTRA COMPETITION by SPONSERreg: was developed especially for the requirements of ultra and long distance (from 8-12h). The highly complex hypotonic nutrient solution based on waxy corn starch as well as gluten-free starch hydrolisates from barley and rice provide long-lasting energy supply and a low glycemic index. This sports drink is particularly suitable for fructose intolerances, as it contains no free fructose. In addition, it is lactose and acid-free and thanks to neutral taste individually dosed."
CHF 28.00
Sponser Waxy Maize Starch, 1000g bag
WAXY MAIZE STARCH (WMS) by SPONSER is a native waxy maize starch. It consists of long chain carbohydrates, which results in a slower insulin response and thus increased fat metabolism. Naturally WMS is also lactose and gluten free and provides 88% carbohydrates. WMS is primarily suitable for the ultra-endurance range, this with the goal of being able to use all energy resources (as an individual addition in combination with other types of sugar and electrolytes). In weight training it is suitable for the mass phase. WMS is very soluble in cold water, unlike many other starch types.
CHF 17.00
Sponser Pro Pyrumax 280 Capsules
Sponserreg: Creatine Pyrumax - High Performance Complex with creatine pyruvate, creatine monohydrate and magnesium in one formula. Creatine enhances the physical performance of high-speed power output in the context of short-term, intense physical stress.
CHF 49.50
Sponser Lactoferrin 90 Capsules
Lactoferrin is a transport protein that binds iron and occurs naturally in milk. Lactoferrin from cow's milk is not only used in breast milk substitutes, but also as a novel food ingredient in dietary supplements. In addition to 300 mg of lactoferrin per daily ration, LACTOFERRIN capsules also provide micronized iron and vitamin C to form an iron transport matrix, as vitamin C increases iron absorption.
CHF 45.00
Weider EAA powder 325g can
Powder for the preparation of a drink with all nine essential amino acids. With sweeteners. Premium EAA has a high content of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and contains no carbohydrates.
CHF 29.00
All Stars 100% Whey Protein 2270g can
100% Whey Protein with less than 3g carbohydrates and only 3g fat per shake! Whey concentrate and Whey isolate combined with free amino acids: L-glutamine, leucine taurine.
CHF 69.00
Sponser Electrolytes 12 x 10 tablets of 4,5g
Sponser Electrolytes provides the minerals sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides and potassium to compensate for sweat loss, but virtually no calories. Additionally enriched with zinc, which supports a normal fatty acid metabolism.
CHF 66.00