Muscle building

Muscle building
All Stars EAA powder 400g can
All Stars EAA powder is a micro-instantized and thus particularly fine and easily soluble powder and available in four delicious flavors. The powder contains a mixture of all essential amino acids. In total, 10,000mg of amino acids are contained per 14g powder serving with less than 0.1g sugar and zero fat.
Sponser Muscle Relax Shot 4 x 30ml
Uncontrolled muscle contractions (cramps) are a common phenomenon in endurance and game sports and usually lead to the termination of performance. The innovative and study-based product MUSCLE RELAX by SPONSER inhibits and reduces uncontrolled muscle contractions and can be taken acutely or preventively.
Sponser Pre Workout Booster 256g can
PRE WORKOUT BOOSTER is typically used in weight training for intense and goal-oriented workouts. The formulation contains Whey protein hydrolisate CFM Nitro, supplemented with 7 plant extracts (Fiit-ns and Vinitrox) and 3 amino acids and taurine.
All Stars Vegan Protein 600g Can
VEGAN PROTEIN - pure plant power! The new VEGAN PROTEIN from ALL STARS is 100% plant-based and therefore a lactose-free protein powder. It is made from 100% genetically unmodified ingredients, is gluten-free, soy-free, enriched with the fiber inulin and vitamins B12 and D3. The taste is provided by natural flavors.
Sponser Vegan Protein 480g can
Sponser® VEGAN PROTEIN combines protein sources from quinoa, sunflower seeds, peas and rice into a high-quality vegan protein powder. The innovative protein blend from purely plant-based sources delivers approx. 23 g of protein per serving as well as the full spectrum of amino acids in a balanced ratio. Available in chocolate flavor or as a neutral flavor. The latter is only minimally mixed with natural vanilla extract and flavoring and can thus be refined as desired with fruits or the like. Likewise, VEGAN PROTEIN can be used as a versatile protein powder, for example as an addition to muesli, yogurt or quark.
Sponser Sponser Caffeine Caps, 90 capsules
CAFFEINE CAPS by Sponser provide 50mg of caffeine per capsule in free form. Therefore, they are ideally suited for individual caffeine dosage during exercise and especially for people with sensitive stomachs. Because thanks to the gastric acid-resistant CAFFEINE CAPS, the caffeine is only released in the intestine and thus minimizes potential tolerance problems.
Sponser Waxy Maize Starch 1000g bag
WAXY MAIZE STARCH (WMS) from SPONSER is a native waxy corn starch. It consists of long-chain carbohydrates, which results in a slower insulin response and thus increased fat metabolism. Naturally WMS is also lactose and gluten free and provides 88% carbohydrates. WMS is primarily suitable for ultra-endurance, this with the goal of being able to use all energy resources (as an individual addition in combination with other types of sugar and electrolytes). In weight training it is suitable for the mass phase. WMS is very soluble in cold water, unlike many other types of starch.
Sponser Lactoferrin 90 Capsules
Lactoferrin is a transport protein that binds iron and occurs naturally in milk. Lactoferrin from cow's milk is not only used in breast milk substitutes, but also as a novel food ingredient in dietary supplements. In addition to 300 mg of lactoferrin per daily ration, LACTOFERRIN capsules also provide micronized iron and vitamin C to form an iron transport matrix, as vitamin C increases iron absorption.
Sponser Pro Pyrumax 280 capsules
Creatine Pyrumax - High Performance Complex with creatine pyruvate, creatine monohydrate and magnesium in one formula. Creatine enhances the physical performance of high-speed power output in the context of short-term, intense physical stress.
Sponser Ultra Competition 1kg can
The new sports drink ULTRA COMPETITION by SPONSERreg: was developed specifically for the requirements of ultra and long distance (from 8-12h). The highly complex hypotonic nutrient solution based on waxy corn starch and gluten-free starch hydrolisates from barley and rice provide long-lasting energy supply and a low glycemic index. In particular, this sports drink is also suitable for fructose intolerances, as it contains no free fructose. In addition, it is lactose and acid-free and can be dosed individually thanks to its neutral taste.
Sponser Immunoguard 10x4g
IMMUNOGUARD by SPONSER is a scientifically designed food supplement on a natural plant basis to strengthen the immune defense and protect against oxidative stress. The product was designed for athletes, but due to the high-quality functional ingredients it is also generally suitable in everyday life / work or during periods of increased stress. It can be taken preventively or acutely.
Sponser Pro Beta Alanine 140 tablets
Beta Alanine by SPONSER is an intracellular acid buffer for competitive and strength athletes. Suitable for high-intensity, repetitive loads, where muscle overacidification becomes performance-limiting. The amino acid supplement increases the muscle's own carnosine content, which increases the intracellular acid buffer capacity and thus can increase performance in anaerobic-lactacid sports.
Sponser Nitroflow Performance 10 x 7g
Innovative NO booster for blood flow - oxygen - performance. NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 by SPONSERreg: is a scientifically designed dietary supplement, with high-polyphenol plant extracts (extracts from 29 plants and L-citrulline). Fruitflowreg: tomato extract keeps platelets supple, avoids excessive clumping and thus maintains normal blood flow. Suitable for endurance athletes and strength athletes.
Weider BCAA Drink 24 x 250ml
The new Weider BCAA Drink is the perfect thirst quencher with the extra portion of BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine). In addition, the ready-to-drink drink provides the amino acid compound L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine
Sponser Liquid Energy Ultra 40 x 25g
LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA by SPONSER is a liquid energy concentrate made from complex carbohydrates as well as MCT fat (medium-chain triglycerides) from high-quality vegetable oils. The gel was designed to support performance during long endurance efforts of low intensity and differs from other gels largely by a higher energy density due to the fat content.
All Stars Amino 10'000 tin with 300 tablets

All Stars Amino 10'000 consists of a large number of essential and semi-essential amino acids. The product contains lactalbumin hydrolysate (whey protein hydrolysate) enzymatically broken down by a special process. All Stars Amino 10'000 is perfect for athletes in muscle building phases.
Sponser Sponser HMB & Creatine Synergy 320g can
HMB & CREATINE SYNERGY by Sponser® is a high performance supplement for ambitious athletes. The powdered dietary supplement consists of HMB, creatine and ribose and contains the dosages used in efficacy studies. HMB & CREATINE SYNERGY combines the effect of increased fast strength and anaerobic performance with improved recovery.
Sponser Colostrum 600g
100% pure COLOSTRUM without additives, very soluble in water. Can be ideally combined with ordinary protein shakes or used for protein fortification of foods and beverages. Protein supports the development and maintenance of muscle mass.