Weider L-Glutamine 400g can Amino acids - 1
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Weider L-Glutamine 400g can

Pure high quality L-Glutamine powder for stirring into liquids.

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L-glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that in times of particular stress, the body cannot produce this amino acid itself in sufficient quantities. The consequences are well known. Glutamine has become an indispensable part of professional bodybuilding due to consistently positive study results and practical experience. Glutamine is consumed during intensive stress, i.e. during every hard workout. Since glutamine makes up 60 of the amino acids in the amino acid pool of the muscles, replenishing training-related losses is very important.

In addition, glutamine is an important energy supplier for the immune system and generally important for the function of protein metabolism. In order to meet the high demands of very ambitious athletes, L-Glutamine is not a low-concentration glutamine dipeptide (glutamine combined with another amino acid).

Weider L-Glutamine consists of 100 free L-Glutamine with the highest degree of purity. Just like creatine, L-glutamine belongs to the components of the muscle cell and binds water inside the cell and not outside the cell (under the skin) - this is called zeilhydration. Thus amino acids also reach the cell better. The muscle build-up is supported.

Product properties:

  • Supports the regeneration.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Increased cell hydration (bulging muscles).

Recommended Use:
For the 80kg athlete: 5-l0g Glutamine per day, in 2 servings. 1 portion directly after training, 1 shortly before going to bed, stir into liquid and drink immediately.

Packaging unit: 400g can

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