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Weider Mega Mass 4000 7kg

Weider Mega Mass 4000 - the original - a product with super many power calories - the ultimate weight gainer.

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Weider Shaker 0.6L
Weider Shaker 0.6L
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Weider Mega Mass 4000 - a product with super many power calories! The ultimate weight gain form gives you up to 1500 extra power calories per day, so that even during extreme training workouts the mass gain is not endangered. Mega Mass 4000 is a carbohydrate protein blend with micronutrients, it is optimally tailored to the needs of bodybuilders, especially hardgainers (hardgainers - people who gain weight with difficulty). In three delicious flavors.

Product Features:

  • Mega Mass 4000 provides the calories and nutrients for hardgainers.
  • High carbohydrate content for high energy requirements.
  • High quality protein combination - building substance for muscles.
  • Increases the ability to regenerate after training.

Recommended intake:

  • The personal daily correct number of Mega Mass 4000 shakes can be determined easily and individually. In general, you should not gain more than two kilos per month, otherwise the body fat percentage will increase too much. A control of the body weight, body fat percentage and a measurement of the waist circumference gives information about the right amount of calorie intake. If the body weight increases and the waist circumference does not, then you have found the right amount. If the body weight and the waist circumference increase, then the basic diet should be checked for a too high fat content and, if necessary, the number of shakes should be reduced. If the weight does not increase, the number of shakes must be increased.

Packaging unit: 7kg carton
Flavor: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

7 kg

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