Jordan Kettlebells with Neoprene Cover 4-40kg (JTKBCN2)-Kettlebells-Shark Fitness AG
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Jordan Kettlebells with Neoprene Cover 4-40kg (JTKBCN2)

High quality neoprene covered colored kettlebells from Jordan (price starting at 4kg kettlebell).

CHF 23.00 (tax incl.) CHF 21.30 (tax excl.)
Tax included




Jordan Kettlebell Stand, 2-ply (JTKBR)
Jordan Kettlebell Stand, 2-ply (JTKBR)
CHF 349.00
Jordan Kettlebell Stand, 3-ply (JTKBR-03)
Jordan Kettlebell Stand, 3-ply (JTKBR-03)
CHF 549.00
Jordan Kettlebell Rack, 2-ply (JTKBRUK)
Jordan Kettlebell Rack, 2-ply (JTKBRUK)
CHF 549.00
Body Solid Kettlebell Stand (GDKR50)
Body Solid Kettlebell Stand (GDKR50)
CHF 149.00
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The goal of training with kettlebells is primarily to build functional strength, explosive power and stability, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as tendons and ligaments.

The exercises have a particularly beneficial effect on core strength in the lower back and hips. For these reasons, kettlebells are especially popular with strength and martial artists who rely heavily on functional strength, explosive power and strength endurance.

Benefits cited include not only increasing functional strength, but also gaining all-around fitness, stamina, flexibility, coordination and body control. In the USA in particular, kettlebell training is also advertised with the promise of rapid fat loss.

Typical exercises with the kettlebell are:

  • Swinging the kettlebell between the legs with one or both arms,
  • the snatch,
  • the clean, and the push.
  • and the jerk.

With a kettlebell you train at the same time:

  • Strength endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Mobility
  • Speed
  • Coordination

Training with kettlebells is not without danger. Especially during the dynamic exercises, extremely high forces occur due to the use of centrifugal force (swinging the kettlebell). The risk of injury is high. Correct breathing and learning the training technique correctly are prerequisites.

Price per piece


4kg, pink CHF 23.--
6kg, teal CHF 35.--
8kg, orange CHF 46.--
12kg, purple CHF 69.--
16kg, red CHF 92.--
20kg, teal CHF 115.--
24kg, orange CHF 138.--
28kg, purple CHF 160.--
32kg, red CHF 184.--
40kg, black CHF 230.--

0.01 kg
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