PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell 8/10/12/16kg (PBKB)
The PowerBlock adjustable kettlebell is a selectorized cast iron kettlebell that offers 4 different weight increments from 8kg to 16kg in one unit. The PowerBlock adjustable kettlebells replace 4 individual kettlebells or 46kg dumbbells while only taking up the space of one kettlebell.
CHF 229.00
Jordan Competition Kettlebells 8-40kg (JLCKB2)
Premium competition kettlebells from Jordan - all kettlebells are the same size and therefore have the same grip size to meet the competition specifications (price from 8kg kettlebell)
CHF 53.00
GymBox Smashbells unfilled
Sale item - available while stocks last
A kettlebell that does not damage the floor, has a comfortable grip and rests comfortably in contact with the body. This is what the innovative fabric kettlebell from Variosport has to offer.
CHF 49.00