A stepper is a piece of fitness equipment designed to simulate climbing stairs. It consists of two independent treads that can be moved up and down. The user stands on the treads and moves up and down to complete an exercise session.

The stepper is usually equipped with hydraulic or mechanical resistors to adjust the difficulty level. Climbing stairs works different muscle groups such as legs, glutes and calves. Some steppers also have movable handles or arm bars to include the arm muscles in the workout.

The stepper offers several workout benefits:

Cardiovascular workout: stepping up and down increases heart rate and builds endurance. It is an effective way to strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve overall fitness.

Leg muscles: the stepper mainly works the leg muscles, especially the thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings) and the calf muscles. By stepping regularly, you can build strength and endurance in your legs.

Calorie burning: exercising on a stepper can lead to an effective burning of calories. Depending on the intensity and duration of the workout, you can boost your metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

Gentle on the joints: compared to some other cardio machines like the treadmill or jogging, the stepper is gentler on the joints. Since your foot does not hit the ground, there is less stress on your joints.

Easy to use: The stepper is generally easy to use and does not require complicated movements. It is an accessible piece of exercise equipment that is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

The stepper can be a versatile addition to your fitness program, especially if looking for a way to work out the cardiovascular system and strengthen leg muscles.

Bowflex Max Total 40
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Tunturi Mini Stepper (14TUSFU239)
This space-saving mini stepper from Tunturi really gets your circulation moving. In addition, you train your leg and buttock muscles. Be it a workout in front of the TV, in the bedroom or even outside, you can place this mini stepper from Tunturi anywhere.