Horizon Fitness Peak Trainer
The Peak Trainer from Horizon Fitness is the perfect combination of stepper and cross trainer. The stepper movement trains legs and buttocks. Combined with the upper body grips, the upper body and torso are also trained. With a workout on the Horizon Peak Trainer the whole body is trained - legs, buttocks, torso and upper body - and you burn calories in no time.
CHF 1'449.00
Spirit Medical MS300 semi-recumbent stepper
Spirit Fitness' Medical Series for sports medicine, senior rehabilitation, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation, fitness and wellness.The MS300 facilitates total body exercises with coordinated, linear 1:1 movement of legs and arms. The self-adjusting pedal travel adapts to the patient's range of motion. Knees, ankles and hips are placed under minimal stress due to the secure, semi-upright seating position. The MS300 is designed to be versatile for different training focuses and offers unique exercise patterns that allow the user to customize the exercise load for all four limbs. Limbs that apply more force can cause less involved limbs to perform functional movements and maintain an elevated heart rate. Low inertia starting at 5 watts provides smooth running. The load rate can increase to 750 watts, with stride rates adjusted according to the user's choice.
CHF 7'500.00
SportsArt S715 LED Commercial Stepper
The S715 stepper by SportsArt with LED console is designed for continuous commercial use. Mains-independent drive, Cardio-Advisor or the robust construction in a shapely design are only some of the features of the S715. The multi-position handles ensure a correct training posture.
Tunturi Mini Stepper (14TUSFU239)
This space-saving mini stepper from Tunturi really gets your circulation moving. In addition, you train your leg and buttock muscles. Whether it's a workout in front of the TV, in the bedroom or even outside, this mini stepper of Tunturi you can place anywhere.
CHF 139.00
Cascade Health
The new Cascade Climber offers an exceptional, time-efficient low impact workout. Ideal for high intensity cardio workouts, the Cascade Climber is also effective for injury rehabilitation. The Cascade Climber does not result in any stress or pounding on the joints . Climbing against gravity burns more calories than any other exercise. The upper body exercise provides a balanced total body workout.
CHF 3'290.00