Weight plates and weights

Jordan Premium Urethane Weight Plates 51mm - BRANDED
Personalized Weight Discs - now add your logo, slogan or for a lighter touch your brand color to our high quality premium urethane weight discs. Whether it's for a gym, hotel, spa, sports club, university or a business with its own gym, you can proudly carry your brand identity into your gym. (Price from 200kg set)
Jordan Lifting Club Rubber Bumber Plates (JLC-RBP)
Made from recycled rubber, these eco-friendly seal of approval rubber weight plates are the perfect Bumper Plates plate for garages and home gyms, as their high-temperature construction minimizes noise and vibration during lifting (and dropping). With a 51mm stainless steel insert, the Bumper Plates can be easily attached to any Olympic bar. Made in Europe, Jordan Lifting Club Bumper Plates have traveled only a short distance, so the result is reduced environmental impact and minimized CO2 emissions. Due to the compaction of recycled rubber, these plates are slightly larger than normal.