Weight plates and weights

Weight plates or weight plates are used to increase the weight during strength training and weight lifting. They are used to increase the intensity and challenge of exercises by adding additional weight.

Strength increase: adding weight plates to a barbell, dumbbell or other type of weight equipment increases resistance, which can lead to an increase in muscle strength and mass. By increasing weight plates on a regular basis, you can make steady progress in your workout.

Progression in training: weight plates allow gradual progression in training. One can gradually increase the weight to continuously challenge the body and encourage progress. This is important to overcome plateaus and achieve desired results.

Versatility: weight plates are available in different weight ranges, allowing for a wide variety of workout options. You can use them for various exercises like squats, bench press, deadlift, shoulder press and many others.

Adaptability: weight plates can be easily attached to different types of weight machines, including barbells, dumbbells, cable machines and other fitness equipment. This makes them extremely versatile and allows for a wide range of exercises and training methods.

Weight plates are available in various designs and hole diameters. Depending on the barbell rod used, you will need discs with a hole diameter of 26mm, 31mm or 51mm. Discs are available in cast iron, rubberized or polyurethane coated.

Bumper plates are special weight plates used mainly in weightlifting and strength training. Unlike traditional weight plates, they are made of dense rubber or hard plastic and are designed to cause minimal damage when dropped on the floor. The main purpose of bumper plates is to improve the safety and longevity of weight exercises, especially in exercises such as the push or snatch in weightlifting, where the weight is often dropped from an elevated height.

It is important to use proper technique and form when training with weight plates to avoid injury. Also, one should choose the weight according to one's abilities and fitness level to avoid overloading.

Jordan Premium Urethane Weight Plates 51mm - BRANDED
Personalized Weight Discs - now add your logo, slogan or for a lighter touch your brand color to our high quality premium urethane weight discs. Whether it's for a gym, hotel, spa, sports club, university or a business with its own gym, you can proudly carry your brand identity into your gym. (Price from 200kg set)
Jordan Fitness Rubber Bumper Plates (JLC-RBP)
Made from recycled rubber, these eco-friendly seal of approval rubber weight plates are the perfect Bumper Plates plate for garages and home gyms, as their high-temperature construction minimizes noise and vibration during lifting (and dropping). With a 51mm stainless steel insert, the Bumper Plates can be easily attached to any Olympic bar. Manufactured in Europe, Jordan Lifting Club Bumper Plates have traveled only a short distance, so the result is reduced environmental impact and minimized CO2 emissions. Due to the compaction of recycled rubber, these plates are slightly larger than normal. Bumper Plates are commonly used in weightlifting clubs, CrossFit boxes and professional gyms where weightlifting is a focus.
Jordan High Grade Premium Rubber Bumper Plates 51mm, Colored (JLCRTP2)
High Quality Jordan High Grade Premium Rubber Weight Discs (Bumper Plates) colored with 51mm hole diameter. Made from a high grade colored rubber for durability as well as a clean, stylish aesthetic. These colored weight plates are incredibly strong and durable Olympic weight plates and are great for strength and conditioning workouts. (Priced from 5kg disc) Bumper Plates are commonly used in weightlifting clubs, CrossFit boxes and professional gyms where weightlifting is a main focus.
Jordan Wooden Barbell Jack
When it comes to weightlifting, you need a good, reliable Olympic barbell jack that takes the hassle out of removing or adding your weight plates from the barbell bar. Saving your energy for the important lifts. The "Deadlift Barbell Jack" from Jordan Fitness is simple, but sturdy and ready to take the weight off so you can lift safely.