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Recipes for the metabolic diet
The "Metabolic Diet" has proven itself as an effective nutrition system for a fat-free and muscular body. Thousands of satisfied users have lost unwanted body weight, reduced body fat, built solid muscle, achieved their desired body - and kept it for the long haul - with this special "low carb diet". "
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Shakes for the metabolic diet
Shakes for the Metabolic Diet provides over 100 recipes for quick and easy protein shakes to help you add variety to your diet. Shakes are not only a time-saving, but also an extremely healthy alternative to conventional meals.
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Foot pump
Hand/foot pump for VLUV seat balls and other balls with double pump head and adapters
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Book - The Muscle Guide Program
If you want to train the muscles of your body specifically, you do not have to become a member of an expensive gym. It is also possible to complete an individual complete training at home. The Muscle Guide Program (BLV Buchverlag) offers comprehensive training theory and can be used as a competent basis to put together a customized program for yourself.
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Book - Muscle Training Book
The popular training theory on the Muscle Guide concept. Based on sports science, but also easy to understand for beginners: basics, training planning and control, training session, error analyses.
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