Lounger ergometer

Recumbent ergometers are a special type of ergometer where the user exercises in a lying position. They are particularly suitable for people who have difficulty assuming upright or seated positions, or for those who have less stability, such as the elderly or people with certain physical limitations. Recumbent ergometers are primarily designed for use in endurance training. Unlike conventional cycle ergometers, recumbent ergometers allow the user to exercise in a semi-recumbent position, which relieves pressure on the back and buttocks.

Gentle workout: the recumbent position relieves pressure on the spine and puts less pressure on the joints. This allows for a gentle workout for people with back or joint problems. Recumbent ergometers may also be suitable for people recovering from injury or surgery.
Cardiovascular workout: Recumbent ergometers provide an effective cardiovascular workout. Pedaling or moving your arms increases your heart rate and blood flow, which helps improve cardiovascular fitness. Exercising on the recumbent ergometer can help increase endurance and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Comfortable Position: The recumbentposition on the recumbent ergometer provides a comfortable and stable exercise position. This allows the user to focus on the workout without worrying about balance or posture. The ergonomic design of the recumbent ergometer provides good support for the back and offers a comfortable training position.
Full body workout: Depending on the type of recumbent ergometer, a full body workout can be performed. Some models allow training of the legs by pedaling, while other models also allow arm movements for training of the upper extremities. This allows the entire body to be exercised and provides consistent muscle strengthening.
Exercise monitoring: recumbent ergometers are equipped with measuring devices that allow important exercise data such as heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned to be measured. This data can be used to monitor exercise progress and help users achieve their goals.

Recumbent ergometers are a good option for people who prefer the comfort and stability of a lying position while exercising. They are suitable for both cardiovascular training and muscle building training, and can be customized according to individual needs and goals.

For professional use, there are different types of recumbent exercise bikes that can be equipped differently depending on the specific needs of the user or facility.

High-quality construction: professional recumbent exercise bikes are usually built sturdily to withstand the rigors of frequent and intensive use. They are made of high-quality materials and can withstand a heavier load.
Adjustable seat position: to meet the different needs of users, professional recumbent ergometers can offer adjustable seat positions with backrest that can be adjusted in inclination. This allows the user to set the optimal position for comfort and effectiveness.
Varied workout programs: To add variety to workouts and achieve different fitness goals, professional recumbent exercise bikes have a variety of workout programs. These programs may include interval training, hill profiles, heart rate control, and other options.
Performance Monitoring and Data Analysis: To track workout progress, professional recumbent exercise bikes typically offer advanced performance monitoring features. These often include heart rate monitoring, speed and distance displays, calorie counters and other data that provide users with feedback on their workouts.
Ergonomic Design: Professional recumbent exercise bikes are designed to provide an ergonomic workout position. They offer comfortable seats and backrests to ensure optimal posture during exercise.

Shark Fitness' commercial equipment department recommends recumbent ergometers from Circle Fitness, Vision Fitness, Spirit Commercial or LeMond Fitness. The R8 recumbent ergometer from Circle Fitness is a bestseller and convinces with a robust construction and the latest technology. The LeMond GForce RT recumbent ergometer impresses with its adjustable seat angle, which allows for a highly comfortable sitting position.

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Circle Fitness R8 Recumbent Ergometer - EXHIBITION MODELS
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The R8 recumbent ergometer from Circle Fitness was designed for home use to commercial continuous use in gyms, hotels, company fitness or physiotherapies. Theequipment of Circle Fitness convinces by a robust construction, a shapely design and by the most modern technology.
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Circle Fitness R8 LED recumbent ergometer
The R8 LED recumbent ergometer from Circle Fitness has been designed for use from home to continuous commercial use in gyms, hotels, corporate fitness or physiotherapies. The revised model of the Circle R8 LED recumbent ergometer ensures a smooth, quiet ride. An easily adjustable backrest angle provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. The resistance design has been electrically re-tuned for more precise movement and more comfortable use. The Circle Fitness machines impress with their robust construction, attractive design and state-of-the-art technology.
LeMond Fitness GForce RT Digital recumbent bike
The LeMond Fitness GForce RT is a recumbent ergometer of the reference class. High-quality workmanship, beautiful design, innovative standards such as a tilt-adjustable seat and state-of-the-art technology make the GForce RT one of the best and most comfortable recumbent exercise bikes on the market.
Spirit Fitness Commercial CR800+ LED Recumbent Ergometer
The Spirit Fitness Commercial CR800+ recumbent ergometer is the ideal bike for the commercial market. Its low step-through design and easily adjustable seat make it easy for users to get on and quickly find the most comfortable riding position. The intuitive console offers multiple program options and up to 40 resistance levels to keep users interested and motivated. The extra smooth ride is the result of the perfected transmission and integrated generator/flywheel system. The console features a large, easy-to-read display with a variety of programs for users of all fitness levels, an integrated fan and a USB port to charge mobile devices. Convenient seat-mounted pulse grip sensors allow heart rate to be measured on demand. The seat is easily adjusted by pulling up on the yellow spring lever.
Spirit Fitness Commercial CR900LED Recumbent Ergometer
The SPIRIT 900 commercial fitness series is the flagship with outstanding design, precise workmanship and impressive quality with unique reliability for any training room - whether a weight room in the home sports club, a fitness room for hotels or companies or an entire fitness center. The series comes with the latest LED generation or modern TFT touchscreens and offers a unique training pleasure.
Spirit Fitness Commercial CR900ENT Recumbent Ergometer
The SPIRIT 900 commercial fitness series is the flagship with outstanding design, precise workmanship and impressive quality with unique reliability for every training room - whether a weight room in the home sports club, a fitness room for hotels or companies or an entire fitness center. The series comes with the latest LED generation or modern TFT touch screens and offers a unique training pleasure.
Vision Fitness R60 Recumbent Ergometer
The R60 recumbent ergometer from Vision Fitness' premium series can be used from home to commercial continuous use for the highest demands. A quiet generator system allows a current-independent operation and offers a precise load control, which meets the high requirements of DIN EN957-1/5 SA.
Vision Fitness R600E recumbent ergometer
Comfortable, user-friendly and with the best entertainment - the Vision Fitness R600E recumbent ergometer combines maximum training comfort with motivating entertainment. The low, spacious entrance allows easy access, even for older or disabled people. The ergonomically shaped seat and padded backrest with lumbar support provide stable support. The large touchscreen console enhances the experience with popular apps, exclusive training programs and streaming entertainment.
Life Fitness Club Series + Recumbent Ergometer
The Life Fitness Club Series+ is built on over 20 years of reliability, innovation, and knowledge gained from developing dependable cardio equipment used in fitness clubs around the globe. The next generation Club Series+ cross trainer is more solid and sleek than ever - but has the same proven durability. This all-around redesigned and redesigned ergometer scores with intuitive technology, advanced features and a modern frame design that looks great and fits well in the home. New generation LED consoles - connectivity technology for Apple Watch® compatibility and Bluetooth® connectivity are built into the Integrity SL console. The Integrity SL console offers an intuitive cardio experience combined with the connectivity to fitness apps and wearables that exercisers have come to expect.
FluidExercise E750 Cycle UBE
The FluidExercise E750 Cycle upper-body ergometer (UBE) is a high-quality, commercial-grade machine that offers maximum versatility of use, including recumbent cycling and bi-directional upper-body-arm riding while seated or standing. The E750 features a dual-function pedal cage, foot straps and ergonomically designed handles for upper body use. The E750 resistance is adjusted via the patented twin-tank system with adjustable fluid resistance in 10 levels and the speed is controlled by the user. The E750 remains silky smooth and consistent at very low RPMs and is capable of handling the high speeds of a HIIT workout. This wide variation in load and speed options allows you to effectively train according to any workout program. If needed, the low-profile seat can be rotated 90 degrees for easy entry and exit. This unique feature is ideal for deconditioned and rehabilitation athletes.